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2017 / 18 Australian 500cc Solo Title

Discussion in 'Bikes & Sidecars' started by lance forsyth, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. lance forsyth

    lance forsyth Platinum Member

    Jul 12, 2003
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    Round 1 From Kurri Kurri

    Winner: Rohan Tungate
    Second: Josh Pickering
    Third: Max Fricke

    Line Up

    1. Robert Medson.......0,0,2,1,2 = 5
    2. Josh Pickering......2,3,1,2,3 + 3 = 14
    3. Jordan Stewart......1,1,1,2,2 = 7
    4. Jaimon Lidsey.......3,3,2,2,1 = 11
    5. Brady Kurtz.........3,3,DNF,3,3 + 0 = 12
    6. Joel Coyne..........2,1,1,DNF,DNF = 4
    7. James Davies........1,X,0,0,0 = 1
    8. Declan Knowles......0,0,2,0,0 = 2
    9. Mason Campton.......3,1,3,1,2 = 10
    10. Cooper Riordan.....1,0,1,0,1 = 3
    11. Sam Masters........2,2,DNF,1,2 = 7
    12. Jack Holder........X,2,3,3,1 = 9
    13. Rohan Tungate......3,2,3,3,3 + 4 = 18
    14. Jye Etheridge......1,2,X,2,0 = 5
    15. Max Fricke.........2,3,2,3,3 + 2 = 15
    16. Matthew Gilmore....DNF,1,3,1,1 = 6

    18. Matthew Pickering...0,0 = 0
    19. Ben Cook............0 = 0
  2. lance forsyth

    lance forsyth Platinum Member

    Jul 12, 2003
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    Round 2 Results from Undera

    Winner: Rohan Tungate
    Second: Sam Masters
    Third: Jack Holder

    Line Up

    1. Max Fricke.......2,1,2,3,3 = 11
    2. Jye Etheridge.....1,3,1,2,1 = 8
    3. Declan Knowles....0,0,1,0,2 = 3
    4. Sam Masters......3,3,3,3,1 = 13 + 3 = 2nd
    5. Rohan Tungate.....2,3,3,3,2 = 13 + 4 = 1st
    6. Joel Coyne........0,1,1,0,DNF = 2
    7. Mason Campton.....1,1,2,1,3 = 8
    8. Jack Holder.......3,2,2,X,1 = 8 + 2 = 3rd
    9. Josh Pickering....2,2,X,2,X = 6
    10. Robert Medson....1,0,1,2,0 = 4
    11. Brady Kurtz......3,3.3,3,3 = 15 + 1 = 4th
    12. Jaimon Lidsey.....0,1,0,0,3 = 4
    13. James Davies......0,0,0,1,1 = 2
    14. Matthew Gilmore...1,2,3,2,0 = 8
    15. Jordan Stewart....2,2,2,1,2 = 9
    16. Cooper Riordan....3,0,0,1,2 = 6

    17. Matthew Pickering..0
    18. Josh Coyne

    Heat Results

    Heat 01: Masters, Fricke, Etheridge, knowles
    Line Up: Fricke, Etheridge, Knowles, Masters
    Sponsored by www.jaybeadesigns.co.uk

    Heat 02: Holder, Tungate, Campton, Coyne
    Line Up: Tungate, Campton, Coyne, Holder
    Sponsored by MADDRUM5 www.youtube.com/user/MADDRUM5/videos

    Heat 03: Kurtz, Pickering, Medson, Lidsey
    Line Up: Medson, Kurtz, Pickering, Lidsey
    Sponsored by andout www.canadianspeedway.com

    Heat 04: Riordan, Stewart, Gilmore, Davies
    Line Up: Stewart, Gilmore, Riordan, Davies
    Sponsored by Friends of Edinburgh Speedway www.foes.info/

    Heat 05: Tungate, Pickering, Fricke, Davies
    Line Up: Davies, Fricke, Tungate, Pickering
    Sponsored by Splod

    Heat 06: Etheridge, Gilmore, Coyne. Medson
    Line Up: Gilmore, Medson, Etheridge, Coyne
    Sponsored by Memories Of Poole Pirates Speedway Club www.facebook.com/groups/859822440748832/

    Heat 07: Kurtz, Stewart, Campton, Knowles
    Line Up: Kurtz, Stewart, Campton, Knowles
    Sponsored by

    Heat 08: Masters, Holder, Lidsey, Riordan/b]
    Line Up: Masters, Holder, Lidsey, Riordan
    Sponsored by

    Track Work

    Heat 09: Kurtz, Fricke, coyne, Riordan
    Line Up: Coyne, Riordan, Fricke, Kurtz
    Sponsored by

    Heat 10: Tungate, Stewart, Etheridge, Lidsey
    Line Up: Lidsey, Tungate, Stewart, Etheridge
    Sponsored by

    Heat 11: Gilmore, Holder, knowles, Pickering ex infield
    Line Up: Holder, Pickering, Knowles, Gilmore
    Sponsored by

    Heat 12: Masters, Campton, Medson, davies
    Line Up: Davies, Masters, Medson, Campton
    Sponsored by

    Heat 13: Fricke, Gilmore, Campton, Lidsey
    Line Up: Campton, Lidsey, Gilmore, Fricke
    Sponsored by Speedway Fiction www.speedwayfiction.co.uk

    Heat 14: Kurtz, Etheridge, Davies, Holder excl tapes, M Pickering reserve replacement. Pickering
    Line Up: Etheridge, Davies, Holder, Kurtz
    Sponsored by Splod

    Heat 15: Tungate, Medson, Riordan, knowles
    Line-up: Riordan, Knowles, Medson, Tungate
    Sponsored by Lakesidelive follow us on Twitter @lakesidelive

    Heat 16: Masters, Pickering, Stewart, Coyne
    Line Up: Pickering, Coyne, Masters, Stewart

    Heat 17: Fricke, Stewart, Holder, Medson
    Line Up: Fricke, Holder, Stewart, Medson

    Heat 18:Campton, Riordan, Etheridge, Pickering excl infield
    Line Up: Pickering, Etheridge, Campton, Riordan

    Heat 19: Lidsey, knowles, Davies, Coyne ret
    Line Up: Knowles, Lidsey, Davies, Coyne

    Heat 20: Kurtz, Tungate, Masters Gilmore
    Line Up: Tungate, Gilmore, Kurtz, Masters

    B Final: Holder, Fricke, Gilmore, Stewart Fox
    Line Up: , , ,

    A Final: Tungate, Masters, Holder
    Line Up: , ,,
    Comments:Kurtz excluded from final, took Holder off
  3. lance forsyth

    lance forsyth Platinum Member

    Jul 12, 2003
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    Round 3 Mildura

    Winner: Jack Holder
    Second: Brady Kurtz
    Third: Rohan Tungate

    Texter: Lunchy

    Updater: Sue

    Line Up

    1 Mason Campton.........3,1,2,3,3 = 12
    2 Jordan Stewart........1,2,2,1,3 = 9
    3 Max Fricke ...........2,3,3,2,2 = 12
    4 Josh Pickering ......DNF,2,2,3,1 = 8
    5 Jack Holder .........3,2,3,3,2 + 4 = 17
    6 James Davies.........1,0,0,0,0 = 1
    7 Matthew Gilmore......DNF,1,1,0,DNF = 2
    8 Joel Coyne .........2,DNF,0,DNF,0 = 2
    9 Cooper Riordan .....0,0,1,2,2 = 5
    10 Jaimon Lidsey ......2,1,DNF,1,2 = 6
    11 Sam Masters ........3,2,3,2,3 + 1 = 14
    12 Jye Etheridge ......1,3,1,2,1 = 8
    13 Brady Kurtz .......3,3,3,3,3 + 3 = 18
    14 Rohan Tungate ......2,3,2,1,0 + 2 = 10
    15 Robert Medson ......1,0,0,1,1 = 3
    16 Declan Knowles .....0,1,1,X,1 = 3

    Reserve Josh Coyne

    Heat Results

    Heat 01: Campton, Fricke, Stewart, Pickering fell & retired
    Line Up: Campton, Stewart, Fricke, Pickering
    Comments: Campton gated, Fricke all over him towards the finish. Pickering got crossed up and fell lap 1 turn 4
    Sponsored by www.jaybeadesigns.co.uk

    Heat 02: Holder, Coyne, Davies, Gilmore fell & retired
    Line Up: Holder, Gilmore, Davies, Coyne
    Comments: Holder gated and gone, Gilmore past Coyne of lap 2 but the Gilmore dropped it on the last turn on the last lap
    Sponsored by MADDRUM5 www.youtube.com/user/MADDRUM5/videos

    Heat 03: Masters, Lidsey, Etheridge, Riordan
    Line Up: Lidsey, Masters, Riordan, Etheridge
    Comments: Masters and Lidsey neck and neck early but Masters gradually inched ahead. Etheridge by Riordan lap 4 to pinch third
    Sponsored by andout www.canadianspeedway.com

    Heat 04: Kurtz, Tungate, Medson, Knowles
    Line Up: Medson, Tungate, Knowles, Kurtz
    Comments: Brilliant gate from Tungate to lead but Kurtz hunted him down and inside Tungate at the end of lap three. Tungate slowed after being passed but held on to second. Wondering if Tungate had a mechanical issue
    Sponsored by Friends of Edinburgh Speedway www.foes.info/

    Supports on and then should probably be some track work.

    Heat 05: Kurtz, Holder, Campton, Riordan
    Line Up: Kurtz, Campton, Holder, Riordan
    Comments: Kurtz gated and gone. Campton in second early and argued with Holder over second for a couple of laps before Holder pulled ahead
    Sponsored by Splod

    Heat 06: Tungate, Stewart, Lidsey, Davies
    Line Up: Tungate, Lidsey, Stewart, Davies
    Comments: Tungate keeps gating well. Stewart keeping Tungate very honest for all four laps. Lidsey safe in third after Davies made a mistake and fell back
    Sponsored by Memories Of Poole Pirates Speedway Club www.facebook.com/groups/859822440748832/

    Heat 07: Fricke, Masters, Gilmore, Medson
    Line Up: Masters, Medson, Gilmore, Fricke
    Comments: Fricke well away from yellow and around them to lead. Masters always close but not close enough, Gilmore took three laps to pass Medson
    Sponsored by

    Heat 08: Etheridge, Pickering, Knowles, Coyne fell and retired
    Line Up: Pickering, Coyne, Etheridge, Knowles
    Comments: Etheridge best out the gate but had Pickering trying his whatsits off to get by but with no luck. Coyne fell and sportingly cleared the track in quick time
    Sponsored by

    Supports and Track work.

    Heat 09: Masters, Campton, Knowles, Davies
    Line Up: Davies, Knowles, Campton, Masters
    Comments: Like browns cows and well spread out, Masters way out in front. Davies fell and remounted
    Sponsored by

    Heat 10: Holder, Stewart, Etheridge, Medson
    Line Up: Etheridge, Holder, Medson, Stewart
    Comments: Etheridge gated with Stewart second. Holder sliced through the middle of them exiting turn 2 and Stewart followed him getting by Etheridge. Easy for Holder after that
    Sponsored by

    Heat 11: Fricke, Tungate, Riordan, Coyne
    Line Up: Coyne, Riordan, Fricke, Tungate
    Comments: Fricke knew he had to be good off the line to hold Tungate off and Fricke was superbly away. Nothing Tungate could do once Fricke got ahead
    Sponsored by

    Heat 12: Kurtz, Pickering, Gilmore, Lidsey retired
    Line Up: Kurtz, Pickering, Lidsey, Gilmore
    Comments: Text book speedway by Kurtz, gate well, don’t make any mistakes and win easily. Pickering untroubled in second
    Sponsored by

    Supports and track work

    Heat 13: Campton, Etheridge, Tungate, Gilmore
    Line Up: Gilmore, Etheridge, Tungate, Campton
    Comments: Even start with Tungate squeezed out and relegated to last. Etheridge in front early but Campton scrapped his way to the lead. Meanwhile tungate had advanced to third
    Sponsored by Speedway Fiction www.speedwayfiction.co.uk

    Heat 14: Kurtz, Masters, Stewart, Coyne retired
    Line Up: Stewart, Kurtz, Coyne, Masters
    Comments: Kurtz a man on a mission and away superbly again. Masters sat in second unable to make any impact on Kurtz
    Sponsored by Splod

    Heat 15: Re-run Holder, Fricke, Lidsey
    Line-up: Knowles, Fricke, Lidsey, Holder
    Comments: Race stopped, Knowles fell and couldn’t clear the track, Fricke had been in front. To be rerun, must have been a close call whether to declare or not. Fricke was well clear and wouldn’t have been caught. In the re-run, Fricke away in first but Holder sneaked under him going down the back straight. Fricke always on Holders tail but no way past. Fricke would be p****ed off after leading the first time
    Sponsored by Lakesidelive follow us on Twitter @lakesidelive

    Heat 16: Pickering, Riordan, Medson, Davies
    Line Up: Riordan, Davies, Pickering, Medson
    Comments: The most boring race Ive seen in about three years. Pickering all the way and he won’t care, three points is three points. Nobody close to anyone for most of the race

    Supports and track work

    Heat 17: Campton, Lidsey, Medson, Coyne
    Line Up: Campton, Coyne, Medson, Lidsey
    Comments: Messy. Campton away best only to have Lidsey pass him with a great move. Lidsey then had a major moment and nearly fell and Campton was back in front

    Heat 18: Stewart, Riordan, Knowles, Gilmore fell
    Line Up: Riordan, Stewart, Gilmore, Knowles
    Comments: Gilmore led for 95% of the race before falling in sight of the chequered flag. Stewart was gifted the win after earlier getting by Riordan on lap 2

    Track work to do a bit of remedial work especially on turn four. From memory all of the falls have been on turn four and it’s caught a few out

    Heat 19: Kurtz, Fricke, Etheridge, Davies
    Line Up: Fricke, Etheridge, Kurtz, Davies
    Comments: Brilliant first two laps. Fricke best away but lifted in the middle of turns 1& 2 that allowed Kurtz by. Fricke then fought back to pass Kurtz at the end of lap one, then Kurtz returned the complement on lap 2

    Heat 20: Masters, Holder, Pickering, Tungate
    Line Up: Holder, Tungate, Masters, Pickering
    Comments: Another even start with Tungate again shunted back to last entering the back straight. Masters sublime in front and faultless in showing Holder the way home. Pickering kept it neat and tidy to keep Tungate behind him

    B Final: Tungate, Fricke, Campton, Stewart
    Line Up: Campton, Fricke, Stewart, Tungate
    Comments: Fricke led from the line but a huge blast round the outside on the back straight & turn 3 on lap 1 saw Tungate surge to the lead. I thought he was going to hit the fence exiting turn 4 but all good and Tungate triumphed. Gutsy ride by Tungate, not much Fricke could do about it.

    A Final: Holder, Kurtz, Tungate, Masters
    Line Up: Kurtz, Holder, Tungate, Masters
    Comments: Holder dug deep and found one of his best starts to lead all the way. Kurtz second and trying hard but no joy, at some point Tungate and Masters swapped places
  4. lance forsyth

    lance forsyth Platinum Member

    Jul 12, 2003
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    Round 4 Gillman South Australia

    1st: Rohan Tungate
    2nd: Brady Kurtz
    3rd: Max Fricke



    1st: Jack Holder
    2nd: Rohan Tungate
    3rd: Max Fricke

    Line Up

    1. Sam Masters - R, (BMG - 0, BMG - 2, BMG - 0, BMG - ) = 0 (Withdrawn)
    2. James Davies - (Withdrawn - Josh Coyne taking rides)
    3. Robert Medson - 2, 1, 0, 0, 1 = 4
    4. Cooper Riordan - 3, 1, 1, 0, 1 = 6
    5. Brady Kurtz - 3, 3, 3, 3, 2 = 14 + 1 = 15
    6. Joel Coyne - 0, 1, 0, 1, 0 = 0
    7. Jye Etheridge - 2, 2, 2, 1, F/X = 7
    8. Josh Pickering - 1, 2, 2, 2, 2
    9. Jordan Stewart - 3, 1, 1, 2, 3 = 10
    10. Matthew Gilmore - 1, 2, 0, 1, 1 = 5
    11. Declan Knowles - 0, R, 1, 0, 0 = 1
    12. Max Fricke - 2, 3, 2, 3, 3 = 13 + 2 = 15
    13. Jack Holder - 1, 2, 3, 3, 2 = 11 + 4 = 15
    14. Rohan Tungate - 3, 3, 3, 2, 3 = 14 + 3 = 17
    15. Jaimon Lidsey - 0, 3, 1, 3, 3 = 10
    16. Mason Campton - 2, 0, 3, 2, 2 = 9

    17. Josh Coyne - 1, 0, 0, 1, 1 = 3
    18. Brandon McGuinness - 0, 2, 0, 0 = 2

    In practice, James Davies reared, hit the fence and knocked himself out. Sam Masters couldn't avoid his bike and got a knock to his ankle and limped off the track. Davies has a suspected neck / shoulder injury. Josh Coyne takes the place of James Davies at No. 2. Still awaiting news on Sam Masters.
    8:55: Parade is on now, meeting due to start in 5 minutes. Sam Masters is out on parade laps so will be taking his place in the meeting.

    Referee: Gavin Wilson

    Heat Results

    Heat 01: Riordan, Medson, Josh Coyne, Masters - Retired
    Line Up: Masters, Davies Josh Coyne, Medson, Riordan
    Comments: Masters led into bend 1 but pulled up on the back straight. Looks totally disheartened and must be hurt from the incident in practice. Riordan passed Medson during lap 2 for the win.
    Sponsored by www.jaybeadesigns.co.uk

    Heat 02: Kurtz, Etheridge, Pickering, Joel Coyne
    Line Up: Kurtz, Etheridge, Joel Coyne, Pickering
    Comments: Kurtz gated, Etheridge annoyed him for two laps, then Pickering annoyed Etheridge for the last two laps.
    Sponsored by MADDRUM5 www.youtube.com/user/MADDRUM5/videos

    Heat 03: Stewart, Fricke, Gilmore, Knowles
    Line Up: Gilmore, Knowles, Stewart, Fricke
    Comments: Even start, then Stewart emerged from bend 2 in the lead. Fricke all over Stewart from then on. Stewart’s best ride of the series by far
    Sponsored by andout www.canadianspeedway.com

    Heat 04: Tungate, Campton, Holder, Lidsey
    Line Up: Lidsey, Tungate, Compton, Holder
    Comments: “Little Rocket Man”. Tungate gated and was untouchable and won by a considerable margin. Holder somehow found himself in last when they settled and took three laps to get past Lidsey. Campton very solid in 2nd. Still even at the top!! Support races now on.
    Sponsored by Friends of Edinburgh Speedway www.foes.info/

    Heat 05: Re-Run: Kurtz, Holder, Stewart, McGuinness
    Line Up: Holder, Masters McGuinness, Kurtz, Stewart
    Comments: Race Stopped. Kurtz down on bend 1, all 4 back for the re-run. Kurtz fans sigh a collective sigh of relief.
    Re-Run: Kurtz just round Holder to lead. Stewart cut back coming off bend 2 to momentarily head Holder but Holder soon back into 2nd.

    Sponsored by Splod

    Heat 06: Tungate, Gilmore, Joel Coyne, Josh Coyne
    Line Up: Tungate, Gilmore, Davies Josh Coyne, Joel Coyne
    Comments: The other three watched Tungate disappear over the horizon. Very impressive by Tungate.
    Sponsored by Memories Of Poole Pirates Speedway Club www.facebook.com/groups/859822440748832/

    Heat 07: Re-Run: Lidsey, Etheridge, Medson, Knowles - Fell, Retired
    Line Up: Knowles, Lidsey, Etheridge, Medson
    Comments: Bad case of the “start line two step waltz”. All 4 back for the re-run.
    Re-Run: Etheridge ahead for two laps, Lidsey fought his way into the lead and pull away.

    Sponsored by

    Heat 08: Fricke, Pickering, Riordan, Campton
    Line Up: Riordan, Pickering, Fricke, Campton
    Comments: Riordan narrowly in the lead early courtesy of being in gate 1 but Fricke & Pickering soon got by. Pickering then surprised Fricke to lead briefly, but that spurred Fricke on to pull his finger out and Fricke surged past Pickering. Fricke then rode away to win by a hefty distance. Support races completed and won. Tractors coming out.
    Sponsored by

    Heat 09: Campton, McGuinness, Knowles, Joel Coyne - Fell, Remounted
    Line Up: Joel Coyne, Campton, Masters McGuinness, Knowles
    Comments: Campton. Easily. Other three had a nice little scrap for the minor places until a Coyne came off.
    Sponsored by

    Heat 10: Kurtz, Fricke, Lidsey, Josh Coyne
    Line Up: Fricke, Kurtz, Lidsey, Davies Josh Coyne
    Comments: Kurtz and Fricke side by side down the backstraight the first time but Kurtz is in a rich vein of form at the moment and got round the outside of Fricke to lead. Straight forward for Kurtz after that to win.
    Sponsored by

    Heat 11: Tungate, Pickering, Stewart, Medson
    Line Up: Pickering, Stewart, Medson, Tungate
    Comments: Tungate answers Kurtz’s win with one of his own. Pickering and Stewart swapped 2nd for fun with Pickering just happening to be ahead after four laps.
    Sponsored by

    Heat 12: Holder, Etheridge, Riodran, Gilmore
    Line Up: Holder, Riodran, Gilmore, Etheridge
    Comments: Holder a cut above the others and won easily. Etheridge keeps picking up handy points. Riordan narrowly held off Gilmore for the odd point.
    Supports run, tractors out, Wind is getting a bit chilly standing on the hill here.

    Sponsored by

    Heat 13: Fricke, Tungate, Etheridge, McGuinness
    Line Up: Etheridge, Fricke, Tungate, Masters McGuinness
    Comments: Fricke the spoiler. Great gate and didn’t give Tungate a sniff. Fricke best ride of the series by far.
    Sponsored by Speedway Fiction www.speedwayfiction.co.uk

    Heat 14: Holder, Pickering, Josh Coyne, Knowles
    Line Up: Davies Josh Coyne, Holder, Pickering, Knowles
    Comments: Holder again too good. Josh Coyne excellent in leading Pickering for two laps until Pickering’s experience got him by into 2nd.
    Sponsored by Splod

    Heat 15: Kurtz, Campton, Gilmore, Medson
    Line-up: Campton, Medson, Gilmore, Kurtz
    Comments: Easy for Kurtz again, he has his nose in front now in the series.
    Sponsored by Lakesidelive follow us on Twitter @lakesidelive

    Heat 16: Lidsey, Stewart, Joel Coyne, Riordan
    Line Up: Stewart, Joel Coyne, Riordan, Lidsey
    Comments: Better from Lidsey, got round the outside of Stewart to take the win. Lidsey hurt his hand at Undera and took lots of skin off his knuckles and it’s been hindering him but that will make him happier. Support races and tractor work now.

    Heat 17: Lidsey, Pickering, Gilmore, McGuinness
    Line Up: Masters McGuinness, Pickering, Lidsey, Gilmore
    Comments: Lidsey narrowly beat Pickering into the backstraight and that was the race done and dusted. “As you were”for the rest of the race.

    Heat 18: Re-Run: Stewart, Campton, Josh Coyne (Etheridge - Fell / Excluded)
    Line Up: Stewart, Davies Josh Coyne, Etheridge, Campton
    Comments: Race Stopped. Etheridge down on bend 2 lap 2. Campton and Etheridge side by side fighting for the lead, Etheridge slid off. No obvious contact from where I am standing. Etheridge excluded.
    Re-Run: Stewart and Campton like Siamese twins on lap one, Stewart inched ahead, Campton cut back underneath Stewart to lead, then Stewart did exactly the same to Campton.

    Heat 19: Fricke, Holder, Medson, Joel Coyne
    Line Up: Medson, Fricke, Holder, Joel Coyne
    Comments: Super race, Fricke and Holder swapped first with both being in the lead twice in the first two laps. I enjoyed that !!

    Heat 20: Re-Run: Tungate, Kurtz, Riordan, Knowles
    Line Up: Kurtz, Tungate, Knowles, Riordan
    Comments: Unsatisfactory start, I thought Tungate had jumped the start, but all 4 back for the re-run. Tungate receives a warning and didn't touch the tapes.
    Re-Run: NO OVERALL WINNER AS YET, WILL REQUIRE RESULT IN B FINAL. Wow !! Kurtz from the tapes but Tungate inside him to lead into the back straight. Kurtz then inside Tungate to take the lead only to have a Tungate fight back to go inside Kurtz. At the end of lap 2 Kurtz seemed to run out of room when chasing Tungate and (I think) just kissed the fence when crossing the start finish line. Kurtz certainly lost his momentum and that was enough to see Tungate across the line although Kurtz got very close again at the finish. Both wanted it badly !!

    B Final: Holder, Stewart, Lindsey, Campton
    Line Up: Holder, Lindsey, Stewart, Campton

    A Final: Holder, TUNGATE, Fricke, Kurtz
    Line Up: Kurtz, Tungate, Fricke, Holder
    Comments: Kurtz made a mess of turn 1 and that was game set and match to Tungate. Holder zoomed round the lot to take the win but it was academic as far as the title winner was concerned.
    Tungate wins the title but Holder wins today's meeting.

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