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Amca Q66 Complete Sellout

Discussion in 'Bodied Vehicles' started by EricQ66, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. EricQ66

    EricQ66 Registered

    Nov 20, 2005
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    Selling everything AMCA I have!
    Complete car plus,4 wheels and tyres,9 shocks,25 lower control arms,3x top loader 3 speed gearboxes,1 spare race engine, 12 heads, 3 blocks, cranks, 10 inlets, 3 front clips, 6 holden 3 speed gearboxes,1 v8 4speed, 1 single rail 4 speed,5 diffs,2 new steering boxes LH, heaps of stubs and steering stuff , calipers etc. Also new fully welded chassis,with deck mounting frame,new Kirkey 17" seat,new fuel cell, new reverse mount pedals,new gauges,new steering wheel,new gear levers,new plastic brake line kit,new high energy sump,new alloy radiator etc.All new parts are still in there boxes.There is heaps more parts new and used.
    Ring Eric ph 0403790061 $15,000 firm.

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