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Bb Freight Race Teams Kim Eames Thanks You All

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, Apr 1, 2015.

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    Saturday night at Alexandra Speedway BB Freight Racings Kim Eames was to compete in the Victorian Ladies Standard Saloon title where she was expected to be a strong top five chance, all this come undone when a race accident put an injured Eames in hospital for precautionary checks & x-Rays after a diligent and caring group of volunteers & first aiders assisted Eames out of her car.

    X-Rays have shown no break to the arm itself; however a requirement for some physio has been established to get Kim back into race ready condition.

    Eames has been overwhelmed with all the well wishers $ wishes to thank a few people. "I can't thank the Alexandra Club, stewards, officials & volunteers enough for the concern shown. The first aiders & crash crew & VSC officials all took care of me as best they could."

    Eames will work through the physio & already feels like the recovery has started & will be on track in May with a bit of luck. Eames has large size bruising on her upper right arm from hitting the edge of her race seat as she jarred back after impact along with Pain in her wrist.

    The racecar requires a reshell after the bar work in the boot that protects the fuel tank was extensively bent.

    Eames would also like to thank & congratulate the other ladies. "I heard that Trish Dike enquirer as to how I was & the girls collectively were relieved to hear I was doing ok. Thank you girls & well done to all on their results especially Sarah, Trish, Kelly, Tracey & Anne who finished in the top five."

    Kim also wants to thank her husband Brendon & engine builder Warrick, crew Michael & Chloe for getting the car ready to race whilst she was away from home & The guys including Bobby on the weekend for their help, & last but not least Kim thanks her Mum, dad & Nan for being there for her at the hospital.

    Kim Eames wishes to thank the following sponsors

    B.B. Freight

    Howie Race Engines

    Maverick Marine

    D & M Scrap Metal Corowa


    Corowa Tiles

    Ice Radiators

    Written by

    Dean Thompson

    DMT Sports Media

    For B B Freight Racing

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