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Beare Wins Smooth Suspension Super Series Double Header Weekend

Discussion in 'ASCF Sedans' started by SpeedwayBear, Jan 1, 2015.

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    For supporters of Street Stock racing in Victoria, rain finally stayed away and allowed the Smooth Suspension Super Series to get in some actual racing when the $1200 to win ‘Mallee Masters’ at Swan Hill & the $1500 to win ‘Wahgunyah Long Track Classic’ were run & won by South Australian Anthony Beare recently.

    Beare overcame twenty eight others at Swan Hill & eighteen others at Wahgunyah to win both events on the weekend showing why so many love to watch him race.

    In a great two nights Beare picked up $2700 and was elated with the weekend. “Thank you to everybody in my team and associated with my team including all my great sponsors. My family & friends crewing, without them none of this is possible. Thank you to the series supporters from Smooth Suspension through to Xpress Batteries & thank you to Dean Thompson for looking after Street Stock racing in Victoria with this series; he is doing a great job.”


    The venue for the coming Victorian Street Stock title attracted almost thirty cars to run the Mallee Masters & Beare for twenty of thirty laps was in a super battle with Brad McClure before McClure’s gearbox went boom!

    At stages McClure poked his nose in front on Beare, however didn’t lead a lap across the line, however national champion Robbie Faux from seventeenth up to sixth at one stage had the crowd on their feet cheering the champ until his race came undone.

    Horsham’s Richard Bansemer won in the closest result for the evening when he beat Mark Gartner by .259 of a second with Ricky Throckmorton, Ahearn, Mick Dann, Darren Paisley & Leigh Fallon to the finish. Brooke Ferguson led the first seven laps before her car began to run hot and she pulled infield whilst Scotty Mason with a flat tyre finished up on the first lap infield.

    McClure in a start to finish win, defeated New South Wales SSA registered racer Colin Peadon, Andrew Carmichael, Darren Giacometti, Darryl Atkinson, Shaun Henry & Chris Grant one lap down. Steven Watts failed to finish when a plug lead came off & Daniel Drewett copped a flat on lap two and headed infield.

    Another close finish to Scott Bull when he won by .282 of a second after leading all ten laps of the third heat to beat Steven Gartner, Mick Clark, Beare, Nathan Dunn, Lloyd Wallace, Jason Degoldi, Kevin Apps & Matt Nelson suffering some mechanical concerns with pick up.

    In between heat rounds Beare set about changing his diff deciding he lacked a little performance after the first heat fourth placing. The change did the world of good when he went on to win by over 5 seconds from Drewett, Bull, Ahearn, Henry, McClure with a broken wishbone in the rear of the car & with Giacometti one lap down after spinning out of contention. Steven Gartner was blacked flagged due to a ignoring the defect flag shown to him when he had a dragging watts link.

    Dann cruised to a heat five win ahead of Throckmorton, Paisley, Clark, Degoldi, Ferguson, Dunn & Carmichael. Nelson’s issues continued and he pulled up on lap six due to a main lead fire.

    Mark Gartner then took a win in heat six from Peadon, Wallace, Apps, Mason, Bansemer, Fallon, Watts & Grant all on the lead lap.

    After a track grade Watts came out and improved his night with a heat win over Mark Gartner, Dann, Bansemer, Wallace, Ferguson, Dunn, Mason & Peadon suffering some mechanicals after a great start to the night in the first two heats.

    Faux then beat Clark & Bull in their last heat of the night with Giacometti, Nelson, Paisley, Apps & Fallon whilst Drewett failed to finish again with mechanical issues.

    The fastest heat race of the night was the last when Atkinson led ten laps to win by just over a second ahead of McClure. The ten lap time of 3 minutes 32.784 was around six seconds faster then the others earlier. Steven Gartner finished third ahead of Degoldi, Henry, Throckmorton, Carmichael & Grant.

    Top qualifier Mark Gartner failed to start the final when he found a split in his fuel tank too late to do anything about and as a result this allowed Darren Giacometti to join the starts and then Steven Gartner in the roll around laps pulled out with the tail shaft loop chains getting caught and this allowed Ahearn to join the field from nineteenth place.

    At the drop of the green Beare led home track hero Bull & McClure with McClure into second come lap two. During the race Giacometti’s car had a big explosion of flames underneath his bonnet going down the back straight due to an oil pressure line bursting onto the exhaust, as the yellows went on Giacometti kept driving around the track not realising the flames were from his car, before the fire crew frantically stopped him at the back straight as he headed around again.

    Faux’s run forward from seventeenth ended when his good buddy Bull obtained a flat and spun out in turn four and Faux had nowhere to go and ran into him. This upset the national champions car who after not running the first two heats of the night due to electrical issues, finally had some luck by getting out for his third heat to win it.

    The car fuelled up & coughed and spluttered & that was the end of the run for Faux who pulled infield.

    On lap nineteen McClure who had crept up to put his nose in front of Beare on more than one occasion ended his race when the gearbox blew. Clark moved into second and Dann was right behind him before taking that position on the very last lap.

    Beare went on to beat Dann, Clark, Throckmorton, Wallace, Bansemer, Drewett, Carmichael, Degoldi, Henry, Peadon & Ahearn the only finishers.

    For interest the Street Stocks were on transponders at Sonic Speedway and things look interesting down the list with the title a few months away at the same venue. – Check these out:

    1 AV24 Brad McClure 20.784

    2 RDL37 Darryl Atkinson 21.002

    3 SA32 Steven Gartner 21.013

    4 A1 Robbie Faux 21.445

    5 B23 Shaun Henry 21.514

    6 C18 Throckmorton 21.524

    7 SH51 Scott Bull 21.586

    8 T1 Michael Clark 21.665

    9 RDL27 Jason Degoldi 21.676

    10 SA25 Mark Gartner 21.681

    11 SH93 A. Carmichael 21.707

    12 W5 Steven Watts 21.737

    13 SA28 Lloyd Wallace 21.782

    14 RDL12 D. Giacometti 21.787

    15 NSW30 Colin Peadon 21.896

    16 SA46 Anthony Beare 21.930

    17 MDA36 Daniel Drewett 21.965

    18 AX4 Morris Ahearn 21.991

    19 AX61 Matt Nelson 22.029

    20 RDL43 Nathan Dunn 22.039


    Racing at the 670 metre long Wahgunyah Speedway venue on the NSW / Victoria border was almost new to everybody at the track, McClure had won at the venue a few seasons back as the venue attempted to get Street Stocks kick started in the north east. It was great to have McClure back with current South Australian, Northern Territory, Queensland & Victorian state champion Beare & Australian champion Faux along for the show.

    The first round of heats began with Beare continuing where he left off the night before with a win. Faux after a terrible night the previous evening looked to be on song and wound up in second ahead of Drewett, Henry who moved forward from seventh on the grid, Throckmorton, Giacometti, Bull, Paisley, Dunn & Mason.

    McClure really felt confident of a strong showing at Wahgunyah and after his gearbox failure in the feature the night before work on the car prior to the meeting start paid off when he finished in front after passing front row Peadon & Ahearn quickly then beating Ahearn, Clark, Bansemer, Dann, Peadon, Ferguson & Fallon.

    Ferguson who suffered over heating and electrical concerns at Swan Hill had made the four hour drive across to Wahgunyah only to suffer the same electrical issues and not finishing the first heat before parking the car to watch her boyfriends (Lewis Clark) father (Mick Clark) continue his night behind the wheel of the Tasmania # 1 car.

    Faux from outside pole won his second heat for the weekend after winning one at Swan Hill the night before when he led back row starter Ahearn to the line with Dann, Throckmorton, Giacometti, Drewett, Henry & Fallon following behind.

    McClure became the first two heat winner of the night when he got one over Beare in another great race between the two. Clark was third with Bansemer, Bull, Peadon, Mason & Dunn the other finishers.

    The final round of heat racing began with pole sitter Henry taking a strong win ahead of Giacometti with McClure in third. Henry is very strong in the Street Stock division at Redline Raceway as is Giacometti, those two finishing first & second was not an impossibility, however was not expected in a strong field either.

    McClure finished in third after starting at the back of the field then Bansemer followed him, Paisley & Dunn. Dann was running strong early however he ended up collecting concrete at turn two as he exited and struggled into the middle of the field.

    Clark then achieved victory ahead of the fifth position starting Beare in the final heat of the night. Ahearn showing great night two consistency finished third with Faux, Peadon, Throckmorton & Mason rounding out the field.

    The feature event started without Drewett who had sheared bolts during the heats when the flywheel came loose, Bull who blew a head gasket, Dann smashed right hand front end suspension, Ferguson & Fallon due to mechanical issues leaving thirteen remaining to battle the twenty lap final.

    McClure & Beare started on the front row with Clark & Faux on row two & Ahearn & Henry on row three. Twenty laps at Wahgunyah is thirty three laps anywhere else & the drivers set about giving the pumped up Wahgunyah crowd a special reason to love Street Stocks.

    Beare was a very strong winner over McClure who chased hard especially earlier in the race before Beare settled into an unbeatable groove going on to win. Tasmanian Champion Mick Clark who ran in third for the first nine laps of the race succumbed to fire from the power steering going kaput whilst national champion Robbie Faux from Mildura finished in fourth as the first driver in a Ford across the line.

    Henry was very good as he finished in the top five ahead of Giacometti, Throckmorton, Peadon, Paisley, Dunn & Mason.

    The final round is next at Hamilton on January the 18th the same night as the final night of the Victorian Junior Sedan state title & the night after the Duo Mobile Eliminator Cup at Redline on the 17th.

    The final night as well as the scheduled heats and final ends with the ‘All Star’ race where qualified drivers compete to win a King – Koni Shock & Suspension kit from Smooth Suspension valued at $1500! It is a salute to the fans Nascar style with no points on the line, just a race for a prize.

    It’s a night of racing not to be missed at Western Speedway, Hamilton!

    The Smooth Suspension Street Stock Super Series is proudly supported by:


    (All things Suspension, set ups, parts, springs & shocks)


    (For all your best engine systems, hoses and fittings)


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    (Sports announcing, Media Releases, sponsor sourcing and advise)

    Written by

    Dean Thompson

    DMT Sports Media

    For Smooth Suspension Street Stock Super Series

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