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Bowers The New Ovens & Murray G.o.s.a Title Holder

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, Mar 22, 2015.

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    Mar 15, 2003
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    Tommy Bowers completed a great 7 day period when he doubled up feature wins with a second victory in a week when he won the Ovens & Murray Speedway Zone title at Alexandra Speedway on March the 14th defeating Scott Callendar & Justin Brockley to claim the prize.

    Each driver ran three heats to determine a start position for the final & heat one would see the demise of one of the evening’s predicated favourites Ross Maclean who feared he had done some damage to the race engine he was borrowing and parked his race car after the heat finished.

    Callendar started from pole position with Brockley alongside, Anthony Mitselburg, Mick Quinn, Clint Henderson, Dave Walton, Danny Smith, Ross Maclean, Thomas Bowers, Steve McDonald Snr & Rob Webster in heat one.

    A heat one coming together of Henderson & Walton finished with Walton sent to the rear of the field at the start of the race. With plenty of laps to progress forward again Walton set about passing others at the rear of the field whilst Callendar controlled the race at the front. Bowers who began in ninth place moved to second and chased Callendar to the line, Brockley finished up in third, Walton fourth, Maclean then Webster, Quinn, McDonald Snr & Smith.

    Walton then made up for the first heat indiscretion when he converted a front row start into a win. Henderson & Walton started at the front of Quinn, Bowers, Brockley, Mitselburg, Callendar, Webster & McDonald Snr.

    Walton won the second from Bowers, Callendar who had moved up from about sixth place then Brockley, Webster, Mitselburg & McDonald Snr.

    In the final heat of the night Bowers had his front row start & he made short work of converting that into a win over Callendar. Brockley finished third in front of Walton, Mitselburg, Webster, McDonald Snr & Henderson.

    In the Ovens & Murray title event over a dozen laps the field lined up with Bowers, Callendar, Walton, Brockley, Webster, Mitselburg, McDonald Snr & Henderson greeting the starter’s flag.

    The race had a disastrous start for Walton who spun out of contention early in the race and was left chasing everybody from the rear of the field.

    Bowers led from the very first lap of the final with Callendar & Brockley in the other podium spots. Rob Webster & Steve McDonald had their own battle for fourth going on whilst laps ran out for Walton at the tail of the field as Bowers took the win from Callendar, Brockley, Webster, McDonald & Walton.

    For Bowers the win was the second in the last two race meetings & the season is going along nicely. “Things are going alright right now. Couldn’t do it without my missus, my family & supporters. We are really enjoying racing, easy to do when everything goes to plan. Thank you everybody for their support, this is for you guys.”

    The G.O.S.A would like to thank their supporters:
    Max’s Motor Museum – Corowa
    Maverick Boats – Corowa
    Elle Mae Hair & Beauty – Corowa
    Corowa Kitchens & Cabinets
    Psychic Tina – Leeton
    Williams Race Tech – Corowa
    Wahgunyah Rock Yard – Wahgunyah
    Stevo’s Painting Services
    Ricky D’s Pizza – Corowa
    Steel Line – Corowa/Albury
    Custom Daszigns – Corowa
    Cornelius Classic Panels – Corowa
    Ace Smash Repairs – Leeton
    MP Sheds – Leeton
    Corowa Glass – Corowa
    Dunkley Paint & Panels - Corowa

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association

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