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Cecil Storms To Victory At Home Track Rushworth

Discussion in 'Other Open Wheelers' started by SpeedwayBear, Mar 2, 2015.

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    Garden State Grand Prix Midget competitors headed to Rushworth Speedway for round five of the season long Ballistic Performance Parts Masters Series with additional support from local business Oil Hydraulics & victory would go the way of Shepparton's Mark Cecil driving the Louis Rodriguez owned machine as he led to the line Trevor Perry & Mooroopna’s Lisa Chalcraft.

    Dayle Wood driving the Travis Florimell owned #81 began from pole in heat one with Trevor Perry, Chalcraft, Nathan Caddy, Paul Perry, Johnny Kyriacou, Cecil and Chris Fowler (# 13 Castrol - Suzuki Eng) completing the line up.

    Trev Perry led lap one from a quick starting Kyriacou & Cecil with Wood (# 81 Prestige Steelcraft – MV Augusto) getting swamped by the field and spat out the back of the pack. Cecil kept moving forward on lap two getting by Kyriacou whilst on the next lap Chalcraft & Paul Perry also whizzed past Kyriacou before a fourth lap stoppage where Caddy spun in turn four on what he correctly thought was fuel on the track this turned the caution into a red light stoppage.

    Infield crews were able to bring Fowler infield who was losing the fuel after a fuel hose had been ripped off the car due to track condition. Trev Perry (# 55 Perry Bros Chassis – Suzuki) was sent rear of field at the restart for not stopping when the red light came on whilst Caddy couldn’t restart due to fuel pump issues & Wood had also come infield due to dropping a drive shaft out of his car.

    At the restart Cecil led across the start line to compete lap five with Chalcraft chasing & the two Perry brothers Paul & Trevor side by side thrilling the crowd. Cecil continued to lead and went on to defeat Chalcraft, Trev Perry, Kyriacou (# 44 Liqui Moly - Suzuki) & Paul Perry over ten laps.

    Wood again began at the front of the field for the second heat with Trev Perry, Fowler, Chalcraft, Kyriacou, Cecil & new comers Hayden Bacon all starting the second heat race. Paul Perry & Caddy both couldn’t start due to fuel issues.

    Things continued to go bad for Wood who broke a torsion bar on lap one & finished infield with Cecil who broke a bolt on his front shock and also didn’t make it pass lap one.

    Fowler led lap one from Trev Perry & Kyriacou & lap two from Kyriacou as fuel started to run low for Trev Perry who was busy between heats working on his gearing & misjudged the amount of fuel he had in the tank.

    Fowler led Chalcraft, Kyriacou & Bacon on lap four with Trev Perry pulled infield out of fuel, the order remained the same right through the ten laps with Fowler the winner.

    With track maintenance performed before heat three the set up requirements changed for the drivers who were busy in the break working on what they thought they needed to get around quickly.

    Chalcraft began from pole with Caddy, Paul Perry, Wood, Trev Perry, Fowler, Kyriacou, Cecil & Bacon the field line up.

    Chalcraft got the jump & led lap one from Trev Perry, Cecil, Caddy & Kyriacou before Cecil stormed to the front on lap two with Chalcraft, Caddy & Fowler following through the start line behind in a tight three way battle running two wide at times.

    Cecil continued to lead with Caddy passing Chalcraft on lap six for second place only for Chalcraft to snatch the position back next time around whilst two of the top guns Kyriacou, Trev Perry continued around the back of the pack with Bacon still circulating.

    Cecil got around Bacon on lap eight putting the rookie down a 2nd lap & as Chalcraft, Fowler & Caddy came up to pass the back marker Fowler attempted a move on Chalcraft however couldn’t make it stick with heat three finishing with Cecil Chalcraft, Fowler, Caddy, Trev Perry, Kyriacou & Bacon at the chequer flag.

    Wood didn’t finish with torsion issues again & Paul Perry (#6 Perry Brothers Chassis – Suzuki) fuel line issues still.

    With top qualifiers & the rookie starting at the rear of the field Caddy then moved to the front of the field of the Oil Hydraulics supported race feature with Trev Perry, Fowler, Chalcraft, Kyriacou, Cecil & Bacon in his first ever final having kept out of trouble & mobile during the heats doing a extremely good job.

    Caddy (# 10 D Mac Property Services – Suzuki) jumped to the front on lap one leading the more fancied Trev Perry & Cecil moved into third place already by the time the crossed the finish line on the first lap, however things went awry for Caddy on lap two as he shuffled to the back of the field with Cecil moving to the front from Trev Perry & Chalcraft (# 15 Oil Hydraulics Shepparton – Suzuki).

    Chalcraft & Fowler continued another tight battle however Cecil still led Trev Perry on lap four with Kyriacou out of the race with a broken steering arm. Damage to Fowler on lap six when a bolt in the pannard bar fell out leaving the front end moving around sideways, ended his challenge to Chalcraft & Caddy came to a stop with clutch issues on lap seven.

    The run to the line was Cecil (# 47 D Mac Property Services – Suzuki) from Trev Perry, Chalcraft & Fowler and they were the only four to finish with Cecil doing a great job filling in for Louis Rodriguez & taking the win.

    Ballistic Performance Parts Masters Series points table after 5 rounds & AGM attendance:

    1: Lisa Chalcraft 325 pts
    2: Trevor Perry 270 pts
    3: Chris Fowler 240 pts
    4: Louis Rodriguez 219 pts
    5: Paul Perry 199 pts
    6: Ashley Booker 195 pts
    7: Nathan Caddy 180 pts
    8: Johnny Kyriacou 143 pts
    9: Garry Jacobson 137 pts
    10: Travis Florimell 126 pts
    11: Darren Power 122 pts
    12: Hayden Bacon 107 pts
    13: Phillip John 105 pts
    14: Jason Crawford 100 pts
    15: Dayle Wood 90 pts
    16: Garry Cassidy 80 pts
    16: Dennis Myers 80 pts
    18: Mark Cecil 70 pts
    19: Danny Stainer 40 pts

    Victorian Grand Prix Midgets would like to thank their Club Sponsors:
    Ballistic Performance Parts
    Oil Hydraulics
    Perry Bros Chassis
    Dmac Property Services
    Marine Innovations
    Super Balance Automotive
    Pitstop Mowers

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Victorian Grand Prix Midgets

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