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Crate sportsman racer ray

Discussion in 'Dirt Mods' started by boatboy, May 3, 2013.

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    Oct 22, 2007
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    Local NSW V8 dirt modified driver Ray Eggins has secured a loan crate 602 power plant for the next 4 V8 dirt modified races including the upcoming NSW V8 dirt modified state title now being held over one night on May 11th at Lismore speedway.

    The deal was done with fellow V8 dirt modified driver Brett Whitney who currently has his v8 dirt modified up for sale, and with some strong support from the sportsman’s category stalwart Murry Flay who has campaigned a 602 crate motor around Lismore in previous meetings.

    This will be the first time Ray has run the crate 602 motor and we all know with Rays driving skills, the quality car its going into and the motivated crew that he will be putting in a strong performance. The crate motors perform very well at Lismore speedway where you can hold the car flat basically 100% of the time due to the lesser hp and use the momentum to maintain the lap time speeds.

    With the introduction of the sportsman category within Dirt Modified’s Australia this year, it is great to see a new driver getting behind this and getting out on track to support it. If everything goes well we could very well see Ray and others competing next year in the sportsman category which will help to boost V8 dirt modified numbers across the country.
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