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Ellenbrook Speedway 21st April 2013 - Club Day

Discussion in 'ASCF Sedans' started by Shano, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Shano

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    Jun 13, 2009
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    Nominations are now open for Ellenbrook Speedway's race meeting, Sunday 21st April which will see round two of the Late Model Development series contested as well as Junior's Productions and Street Stocks on the program.

    Gates open at 8.30 am with racing commencing at 11. Dont forget you can nominate online via the Ellenbrook Speedway website and heading to the noms page or the Ellenbrook Speedway Facebook page by using the contact us button on their facebook page.

    The club rule will be enforced for late nominations or those that dont, you will be Rear of Field for the days events. Nominations close Midnight, 16th April 2013. If you cant nominate online, ring Kym and she'll add you in. Her number is on the noms page of the Ellenbrook Speedway website nominations page.

    Please note we welcome additional divisions at Ellenbrook on our club days. We require a minimum of 5 cars racing on the day for the additional division to be hosted. Divisions who do not meet the minimum required car count will not be able to race in the day. If you are planning on racing in a division not mentioned above and can muster up the required number of cars per division, please contact Jason Oldfield for more information. We'd love to see you here on the day.

    Please note nominations posted on these forums will not be accepted, please use the nomination form as detailed above.

  2. Shano

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    Jun 13, 2009
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    Racing Drivers Association of WA Inc - Ellenbrook Speedway

    Official Nominations for this weekends race meeting at Ellenbrook 21.4.13

    8 Deb Hall
    19 Tim Maughan
    20 Travis Castagna
    22 Neil Francis
    29 Jess Hall
    33 Rob Hillary
    38 Lee Carter
    43 George Lanou
    45 Pete James
    47 Sarah Koenders
    49 John Castagna
    68 Mitch Hade
    88 Bruce Bell
    112 Warren Flavel

    3 Koran Atkinson
    5 Dale Cockman
    8 David Watson
    9 Martin Kelly
    16 Colin Metcalfe
    17 Barry Roberts
    21 Anthony Heelan
    26 Daniel Salter
    27 Mike McCague
    34 Kieran Norman
    37 Barney Makene
    45 Shane Wray
    75 Michael Comley
    95 Damon Brown
    96 Warren Oldfield
    117 Chris Vanzetti

    3 Brad Boley
    4 Mick Andrews
    5 Ken MacPherson
    9 Rob Holmes
    13 Craig Greentree
    15 Mick Rawcliffe
    22 Paul Joss
    23 Rob Fraser
    26 Mitch Hade
    29 Ryan Ludlow
    34 David Ludlow
    46 Jac Dolmans
    49 Simon McNab
    58 Lionel Kirkby
    93 Rob Galloway
    97 Steven Bond

    6 Travis Armstrong
    34 Taylah Main
    41 Jacob Gittos
    57 Brooke Sutton
    93 Caitee Staines

    21 Bradley Oldfield
    36 Sam McAuley
    42 Jai Mazzini
    54 Jayden Meckenstock

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