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Former Australian Champion Heading To Avalon, To Celebrate Victorian Clubs 40 Years

Discussion in 'Other Open Wheelers' started by SpeedwayBear, Dec 24, 2014.

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    Tasmanian Phillip John once won the national Grand Prix Midget title when the GP's were popular in Tasmania in the 80s & on January the 31st, John's will be at Avalon Raceway competing in the Jason Glynn Memorial, & what a blast it is going to be as the VGPMA (Victorian Grand Prix Midget Association) celebrates 40 years as a club.

    The VGPMA was formed in 1975 hence making 2015 the 40th year of the club. The club started out at Avalon & for many years the venue was the home track for the VGPMA and the majority of the members were from the Geelong and Melbourne areas.

    To celebrate the 40th year of the club, the VGPMA will be having a past and present members day where the club has invited all past members back to the club to watch the meeting which also doubles as round 4 of the Ballistic Performance Parts Masters Series before joining the current club members in the pits afterwards for a BBQ and a few drinks and plenty of stories.

    Knowing this celebration was going to happen, & having read that Phillip John would love to have another go in a Grand Prix Midget, Victorian car owner Mark Sheills offered a drive to Phillip who won the Australian title in Tasmania in 1986 and then came to Avalon the following year to defend his title however only managed 2nd place to his good friend Gary Coleman.

    Adding special significance to this celebration and this opportunity is news that John will retire from speedway driving to concentrate on other avenues after this last ride in a Grand Prix Midget at Avalon.

    John thanked all involved for making this happen. “I’m overwhelmed with what has happened I never would have believed I would get this opportunity as a former Australian Champion in Grand Prix Midgets, to have my swansong in one, especially since they don’t exist in Tasmanian any more. From Mark Sheills, John Fowler and the VGPMA & everybody else who have had a hand in making this happen to promote the category to celebrate everybody from the past and close out my career. I can’t wait to see old mates on January the 31st.”

    Shiells so far this season has had Darren Power (Speedcars), Garry Jacobson (Dunlop V8 Development Series) & Jason Crawford (Compact Speedcars) drive in his cars, of which he has two. Offering a drive to a former national champion who is looking forward to the driver for sentimental reasons, is going to make the 40th celebrations all the more of a spectacular for those there for the show.

    The club is working hard to bring interest to the division & attract new competitors & over recent seasons Louis Rodriguez, Nathan Caddy & Paul & Trevor Perry have added new blood & enthusiasm to the division & now the club is working towards further growth with the Australian title at Redline in Ballarat this season, another opportunity for the club to once more find drivers from Geelong & Melbourne to get involved in the club.

    If anybody from the past that would like to get involved on January the 31st reads this you can contact the President John Fowler on 0407241549 & if anybody has a interest in running in one of the biggest power to weight race cars available & would like to know what’s involved and how to get started you can contact John Fowler on the above number or Vice President Mark Sheills on 0438467217.

    Come down on January the 31st to Avalon Raceway & see the annual Jason Glynn Memorial, a new winner crowned & a champion say good-bye.

    Victorian Grand Prix Midgets would like to thank their Club Sponsors:
    Ballistic Performance Parts
    Oil Hydraulics
    Perry Bros Chassis
    Dmac Property Services
    Marine Innovations
    Super Balance Automotive
    Pitstop Mowers

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    for Victorian Grand Prix Midget Association

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