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Front Row Challenge-pittman Wins-king Of The Hill-a-main

Discussion in 'General Speedway Talk' started by oldracer#4, Aug 10, 2016.

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    May 29, 2009
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    After being at Belleville and witnessing the Bryan Clauson wreck and then sitting thru Sunday with that big pit in the middle of your stomach just knowing that the news would not be good about Bryan, and then finally hearing the words made me so sad Monday and I was dreading the trip to Oskaloosa.

    But in the end it was just what I needed to do. See some race car drivers, their with no fears, their families with them, supporting them, smiles on their faces, talkng with race people, knowing that it was ok to be at the races and having one of the biggest sprint car races of the year.

    Yes they all took time to remember Brayn Clauson, the preacher pray about him, just about every winner talked about him, they took up a collection for him and his family, Terry Mccarl mention him in the drivers meeting, but maybe the best thing as the winner Darrin Pittman said, I know Bryan would want us to be right here racing.

    Tuesday morning I went to Mr. C's for breakfast and after eating decided I would drive down the road that runs in front of the old Pymida store, as I round the corner
    Bryan Clauson's hauler sits in stillness with no activity or anyone in site but on the fenders, around the wheels, on the running boards, any place you look are bouquet's of flowers honoring the young racer, far more a really nice person, that we will remember when we gather at race tracks to enjoy the sport of racing.

    With that in mind, I dedicate this video to that memory of Bryan Clauson. RIP. Racing will not be the same without him.

    Heat Races - B-Main


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