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Gftl Marketing

Discussion in 'General Speedway Talk' started by purdyd82, Nov 7, 2016.

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  1. purdyd82

    purdyd82 Registered

    Jun 30, 2015
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am asking for your help if you have a You Tube/Facebook/Twitter account. Some of you have probably already seen our racing videos on

    https://www.youtube.com/user/GoFastTurnLeftClub. If not please check them out.

    In an attempt to boost our marketing platform for next year I am trying to expand our social media platform. If you have any of these accounts, I am asking if you would follow, like, and subscribe to help our team out. The help from our followers is what keeps our program alive.

    Go Fast Turn Left Club | Facebook

    Go Fast Turn Left (@GFTL83) | Twitter


    I will be posting more links for our driver and team websites in the future, so please look for those as well.

    Thank you for your help and support.


    Dustin Purdy

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