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Gillman Speedway

Discussion in 'Bikes & Sidecars' started by Dave 1, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Aug 10, 2008
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    Posted this for the people that are not on Facebook.

    So there we have it, another season finished on a high note, I could take up an hour of your time on here, but I won't. Firstly to the spectators that come week in week out and after Saturday night even in the rain, you people are Champions and when we stand there in the rain looking at the hills and you silly buggers are not budging one inch, it makes me feel proud that we have been able to put on a show that you won't leave for no matter what. The riders, passengers, supporters and crew that again travel week in week out to Gillman, I can't thank you enough for the entertainment that you have given everyone. To the workers in the club and you all know who are the ones that get their hands dirty, thanks for your support and you should all be proud of what you all have achieved. 2 people I will thank, but I could thank more, is Don Marker for his time and effort and that extra mile he puts into Gillman, Don, (and he is not on the net but I have told him) Gillman would not be where it is today without your undying love for that block of dirt and we all should be thankful for your support. Seane Chapman..... I told you many years ago that the track is the number one priority on race night and you listened. Put on a good track (doesn't always happen mind you) and the racing will be good, put on good racing the people will come back and they have. Thanks, it has been about 8 years now you have been by my side and I hate the way you can now read my mind. Thanks for the effort you put in. The sponsors, CBS Bins who is our main sponsor at Gillman and has been since the start, I know this season has been a tough one for your Family with the passing of Graham. Graham has inspired me from a kid to succeed in anything I do and I can say I am proud to remember some of the words he said to me re Gillman and how he enjoyed being there, a great man. To all the other sponsors, I hope that we have given you a great avenue to promote your business and I will be knocking on your doors again soon, so watch out !! To the non club members that have pitched in and helped when we really were under the pump, thanks also. So who did I miss ? I suppose someone, but if I did, thanks also.... The only other people I would like to thank is the Families that have had their loved ones taken away with working at or for Gillman this season. Thanks for the understanding as I too am grateful now I can spend a little extra time with my new Grandson, Partner, Friends and Family. Thanks everyone and spread the word..... Speedway is on the up and next season will be bigger and better, "Time to get back to Speedway".

    Dave Parker
    Speedway Manager

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