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Hans Device Recertification

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by auntyannie, Jul 18, 2013.

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    The SFI Foundation has been advised, by HANS Performance Products of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., that their HANS brand head and neck restraint device models, all of which are certified to SFI Quality Assurance Specification 38.1, are required by that Specification to be inspected and recertified every five years. With so many motorsport sanctioning bodies in Australia and New Zealand currently requiring the use of head and neck restraint devices certified to SFI Specification 38.1, and with more likely to follow suit in the future, HANS Performance Products is in the process of training and appointing agents in those countries to perform the necessary periodic inspections and recertifications. They are:


    Revolution Race Gear – Welshpool, WA

    Revolution Race Gear – Winnelle, NT

    Revolution Race Gear – Springwood, QLD

    Revolution Race Gear – Auburn, NSW

    Revolution Race Gear – Queanbeyan, NSW

    Revolution Race Gear – Mitcham, VIC

    Revolution Race Gear – Windsor Gardens, SA

    Revolution Race Gear –Hobart, TAS


    Racetech – Wellington

    Personnel training and the supply of necessary equipment and certification stickers is expected to take approximately two week As a result, inspection and certification services at the above listed locations should be available on or About 1 August, 2013. You may want to make your members and participants aware of these services.

    Please note that the listed agents will only be authorized to inspect and recertify head and neck restraint devices produced and certified to SFI Specification 38.1 by HANS Performance Products until further notice.



    Motorsports Manager

    SFI Foundation, Inc.

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