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Huge Unlimited Sedan Field For Victorian Title At Heartland Raceway

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, Apr 8, 2015.

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    Mar 15, 2003
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    This Saturday night the growing Unlimited Sedan division will line up with thirty competitors at Moama's 'Heartland Raceway' for the running of the 14/15 Victorian title defended by last seasons winner Damien Miller in a field with a number of potential winners lining up to take his # 1 plate.

    Drivers such as Darren Nelson & Tim McPherson, winners previously at Heartland, are keen to put the torch to Miller whilst a long list that includes drivers from Alexandra, Heartland, Geelong, Redline, Drouin, Nyora, Rosedale & the GVAC Speedway clubs will make this a very entertaining night indeed.

    There will be Commodores with LS1 engines, former AMCA chassis with various engine packages, a Cortina with a Holden engine, Modified Production spec cars & others in between as almost anything is fair in the Unlimited division.

    As unfair as it might be to try and find a winner amongst the list, the likely winner is probably going to come from either of the Miller lads Damien or Brendan, Darren or Matt Nelson, Rahmon Rivero or Tim McPherson whilst it wouldn’t be a surprise if David Donegan, Jamie Paull, Phil Lepoideven, Jaedn Alberni, Tania Paull, Wayne Nelson, Sam Williams or Matt Chiminello figured in the top three.

    The Victorian Speedway Council wish the best of nights to all competitors and ask that you have fun, finish the race & enjoy the stories after the races.

    1 Damien Miller

    2 Darren Nelson

    4 Greg Parks

    5 David Donegan

    6 Brendan Miller

    7 Steve Shephard

    9 Shona Bent

    11 Jamie Paull

    12 Phil Lepoideven

    15 Tania Paull

    17 Frank Dickson

    19 Mark Hanson

    29 Sam Williams

    31 Wayne Nelson

    36 Craig Phillips

    44 Jaedn Alberni

    45 Natalie Thompson

    47 Rahmon Rivero

    53 Wayne Gilsenan

    56 Tony Bellman

    57 Nathan Lightburn

    61 Matt Nelson

    72 Josh Brown

    75 Chevvy Cooper

    76 Karl Mathie

    78 Matt Callanan

    94 Matt Chiminello

    96 Sonia Nelson

    98 Tim McPherson

    Written by

    Dean Thompson

    DMT Sports Media

    For Victorian Speedway Council

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