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It’s Championship Time For Junior Sedans At Alexandra On The Short Circuit

Discussion in 'ASCF Sedans' started by SpeedwayBear, Jun 1, 2015.

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    Every Queens Birthday weekend the SSA Junior Sedan division heads to Alexandra Speedway to compete on the short circuit through the infield dog leg for the right to become the Victorian Junior Sedan Short Circuit Champion, this year is no different as almost thirty youngsters take to the track to compete and set new personal best results.

    Racing on Saturday the 6th of June includes three heat races per driver before returning again on the Sunday for one final heat, a last chance B Main for those that don’t automatically qualify & then the championship race.

    Competitors joining nineteen local club members are heading to Alexandra from as far as Geelong, Hamilton, Warrnambool, Gippsland & Shepparton with Kye Walters the recognised strongest of the visitors keen to win an event his good friend & current Australian champion Brock Atkins has had a stranglehold on recently.

    Local youngsters that have shown tremendous form this season & at Alexandra & away from the venue that will be looking to secure a home club victory include Caleb Lincoln, Ricky Cornwall, Wayne Furmston, Jamie Burton & last race meeting winner Jackson Lunt. All these youngsters have had very close battles recently.

    Cornwall & Furmston in particular have improved out of sight in the last twelve months to reach the standard of competition that Lincoln, Burton & Lunt were putting on last season.

    Returning to the 1200s after finishing third in the state title for Standard Saloon Junior division is Donald Young & with confidence high after a string of winning results in the Standards he should be amongst the leaders also.

    Sentimentally, Jack Van Breman has been a great racer in Junior Sedans, sadly his time has run out and he has to finish up at this race meeting & move into senior speedway, so seeing Jack perform well would be something locals would like to see for Jack who has been close in recent seasons to the lead pack, just not close enough when the flag drops, everybody wishes Jack the best as he leaves the Juniors.

    The girls are led by Courtney Meakins who herself had a top three result in the Redline Track Championship recently & she leads Zoe Young, Kelsey Lincoln, Chloe Sheerman & Rhiannon Campton up against the boys. Kelsey hasn’t raced all season & like Sheerman is very much a rookie and still developing her driving, whilst Campton has improved each time she drives. Young has been out of the seat a little while however she will be keen to see if she can match Meakins in the battle of the girls.

    There has been a lot of behind the scenes work going on to ensure that every competitor is rewarded for their participation & whilst some are determined to win, others can’t wait to race their mates.

    Support from the following businesses have contributed to the Junior Sedans for this event to encourage our stars of the future:

    Two Bays Communications
    NAB Frankston Business Banking Centre
    Lightning Products
    Pedder's Frankston
    Armour All
    Autobarn Frankston
    Totally Speedway
    DMT Sports media
    Inaction Photos
    Rumbles Indoor Play Centre

    Racing starts at the winter time of 2pm & race day contact number is 0425 756 312 to start of race meeting.

    Victorian short circuit championship for SSA Junior Sedans
    N 0 - Seth Bent
    Gv 4 - Jordan Webster
    Ax 8 - Caleb Lincoln
    W 8 - Brady Dignan
    Ax 9 - Kelsey Lincoln
    Ax 11 - Chloe Sheerman
    Ha 11 -Todd Atkins
    N 11 - Jack Ramsdale
    Ax 12 - Connor Donegan
    Ax 15 - Ricky Cornwall
    Ax 16 - Jack Van Breman
    W 18 - Jesse Dignan
    Ax 22 - Wayne Furmston
    Ax 23 - Timothy Gorski
    Ax 24 - Jeremy Gorski
    Ax 33 - Jamie Burton
    Ax 43- Donald Young
    Rdl 46 - Kye Walters
    Ax 48 - Luke Dingley
    Sa 48 - Courtney Meakins
    Rd 55 - AJ Lawrence
    Ax 56 - Ayden Bellman
    Ax 57 - Zoe Young
    Ax 75 - Colby Lunt
    Ax 76 - Jackson Lunt
    Ax 81 - Rhiannon Campton
    Ax 94 - Tyler Barton

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT sports Media
    For Alexandra Speedway Club Junior Sedan Parents & Drivers

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