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Katoomba Showground - 1953 Christmas speedcar meeting

Discussion in 'The History Channel' started by Graham Clayton, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. Graham Clayton

    Graham Clayton Registered

    Jan 20, 2003
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    Hi Bill,

    I think that Nick Collier also competed in the #25 Continental powered car as well.
  2. shannon1

    shannon1 Platinum Member

    Apr 18, 2005
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    I went to school at Katoomba and played football at the showground in the mid 70's and for training we used to run around the trotting track and its was exactly the same as The photos show in 1953. As for katilina park one night we found the gate to the track was open and 12 of us decided to do a flying lap around the rallycrass circurt well 9 out of 12 cars suffed damage and no one crashed. I bottomed out my GTR Torana before the water splash and tore the tow bar off, my best mate holed the sump in his copper s mini and never made it back to katoomba st before sizieing the motor, exhausts fell off,one car cracked there windscreen going off the jump at just 30 K's. I still don't know how they raced on that track. Yet we complain about a few ruts on saturday night.
  3. Brian Hair

    Brian Hair Registered

    May 24, 2015
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    Never new my father raced at Katoomba show ground Christmas 1953 as he was killed January 3 1953. Should that read Christmas 1952. Nick Collier was driving #25 in 1952 and #5 (latter renumbered 0) in 1953 Brian Hair (Son)
  4. Bill Fox

    Bill Fox Registered

    Oct 3, 2009
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    The original 3 photos are not showing, is it possible to have the posted again?

    Here's the newspaper report, the crash was 26 December 1953.
    Driver Killed In Race
    KATOOMBA, Saturday.-A driver was killed in a midget speedcar event at Katoomba Showground this afternoon.
    He was Peter Brian Spalding, 24, of Collins Street, Annandale.
    Spalding's mother and brother were among the 3,000 spectators who saw the crash.
    Spalding was competing in a three-lap flying start event against Kevin Forrest and John Miller.
    In the second lap Spalding was about 20 feet behind the other two cars when the wheels of his vehicle locked.
    The car went into a skid. Spalding's car struck a retaining wall on the western side of the track and then straightened up.
    It was travelling at about 35 m.p.h. when it passed the pits, crashed through a safety fence and plunged 15ft down an embankment.
    The car struck a tree, snapping off a limb.
    Spalding was thrown out.
    Later an official announcement of his death was made over a public address system.
    The crowd stood in silence.
    Source: The Sun-Herald (Sydney, NSW), Sunday, 27 December 1953, page 3

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