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Kinser's sprintcar looks awesome

Discussion in 'Winged Sprintcars' started by Jamesq63, Jul 29, 2003.

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  1. Jamesq63

    Jamesq63 Registered

    I just picked up a copy of SRN, and the paintjob on the car on the cover is awesome...matching helmet and suit.....I wish we had that kind of professionalism here :shocked:

    Check it out.
  2. Chu

    Chu Registered

    Yeah I agree
    The Hulk paint job looks sensational in photos
    The only thing being is that it would look to busy watching from the hill or on TV and the car would just look a green and purple blur.
    However the car is pretty awsome to say the least :)

    We do have professionalism in Australian Sprintcars. Infact a mate and I were just saying the other day that the US cars look more like the Australian cars now.

    What I mean by that is... A few years back the US cars had a billion and one small stickers covering the top wing where as the Australian cars had 1 or 2 bigger sponsors and just a few small stickers. Now the US cars are starting to take the same look :)

    Just chekout the current photos posted by Daniel Beard at Sprintcar World from the US and see for ya self!
  3. Benem 1

    Benem 1 Registered

  4. Jason

    Jason Registered

    Steve sure knows how to make a car look good - 'Long live the King'
  5. SteveV

    SteveV Registered

    I couldn't agree less Chu, In my humble opinion, American paint schemes are getting worse, so the the aussie ones are looking less crappy in comparison. There are exceptions to the rule, like Kinsers car, but overal the stick on graphics has meant theat anyone with a vinyl cutter is now a "paint scheme" designer.

    The US West coast cars of the late seventies early eighties had some awesome paint. And Pennsylvania cars are consistantly head and shoulders above the rest, they put actual paint work and design into there numbers, the modifed guys from the east are the same, we could take a leaf out of their books, styling and colour wise.

    Steve Vesperman

    Steve Vesperman Design
  6. jonboy

    jonboy Registered

    Just to let you all know nothing on Steve Kinsers HULK car was painted, it was all vinyl graphics and the wing graphic was all one piece. I had a close up look at it at Eagle as he was pitted next to us and it certainly looked awesome...
  7. SteveV

    SteveV Registered

    Someone painted it wrench, just not on the car, believe me. I'm a digital illustrator and people think we just pressed a button to do all our art.

    printed vinyl graphics, when used correctly are awesome, you have to have some artistic ability.
  8. Jason

    Jason Registered

    What would it cost to have a Sprintcar painted/vinyled like that?
  9. SteveV

    SteveV Registered

    I can't comment on the vinyl printing, but the illustration work and setting the graphics up would be $2-3000 dollars if I did it.

    look for this to appear at the speedways this summer, I'm involved in one or two already...no name unfortunatly.
  10. NufCed

    NufCed Staff Member

    in oz... it would cost you between $60 and $70 per square meter.... plus design costs... that help?
  11. Chu

    Chu Registered

    If you follow this link you will see a few photos that both V30 Darren Russell and Q32 Nathan McDonald both had full (each side) sticker printed wings.
    1 side was for Cheeta Chassis and the other had Clifford Excervations and had reasonably good detailed graphics but unfortunitly the colours / design lacked a little flair (number wise).

    I cant rememeber what price it was but I do recall it was nowhere near Steve's amount.
    However I dabble a little in design and work part time as a sign / sticker appliacator and I do know that it is expensive as most of the cost is in the design.
  12. Jamesq63

    Jamesq63 Registered

    Geez haven't I opened a can of worms here..
  13. Jason

    Jason Registered

    That's a fair amount of money for a once (or twice) off appearance - but then again, he is Steve Kinser.

    I wonder if he'll have a WoO 'Downunder Theme' on his car come January? Maybe a Kangaroo or Harbour Bridge?
  14. blue95

    blue95 Registered

    I'm sure the Hulk people will be giving him more than enough money to cover the cost of the signs.
  15. SteveV

    SteveV Registered

    Those movie promo's are paid for by the studio, Steve Kinser would be paid to put the art up on his car, no expense to him at all.

    I've work on a fair amount of art from movie studios and the stuff is already setup. They just lay it out it to fit on Steve Kinser or whoevers car, to fit the shape. But the cost of the art to make a promo like that is upwards of $50,000 dollars.

    I ran the art department at ISC (Illustrated Sports Clothing) for a few years and we did most of the printed shirts for the Olympic games (as well as the International cricket, AFL and NRL), the Olympic style guide alone with 2 CD's of "suggested" art on it cost nearly $100,000 to produce from an advertising agency. You guys really don't have any idea of the amount of money spent on promotion...it's phenomenal!!!!

    The speedway, NHRA, and NASCRAP promo's are chicken feed to these companies.
  16. stevo

    stevo Registered

    the paint is a great a would cost a heel alot of money but it would rate one of the best paint jobs in sprintcars
  17. Wayne

    Wayne Registered

    Those special promotions like Hulk, Superman are organized by the diecast model companies like Action and GMP. It's a way to sell another 2000 diecasts, the drivers get a commision on the cars sold. When Steve K had the one off Superman car a few years back his regular shirt company wasn't able to produce a shirt, it was dont through the Diecast company.

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