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Lakeside Speedway-6-25-16-usac Sprints-main-interview

Discussion in 'General Speedway Talk' started by oldracer#4, Jun 29, 2016.

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    Lakeside-6-25-16-USAC Sprints-Main-Interviews
    [​IMG]by oldracer#4 » Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:27 pm

    On a pretty warm day,97 or 98 degrees, the USAC Sprints rolled into town at Lakeside Speedway for the first night of twin bill.

    With 10 or 12 traveling racers from USAC a group of non wing drivers from the WAR seires as well as the non wing drivers that compete at valley Speedway joined the fun.

    The track record was broken the first night on a very dry track, most racers were not that happy with track conditions and the track crew reworked portion of the track before the a-main much to the satisfaction of racers and car owners.

    As it is most times in racing sprints qualifying was a must to get a good starting position, this night would be no different.

    Grab a cold drink and sit back and enjoy the 1st night of USAC Sprints at Lakeside Speedway.

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