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Let the Good Times Roll - NZ Midgets but with an Aussie connection!

Discussion in 'Midgets' started by Miss Informed, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Let the Good Times Roll

    The Speedway season has started.

    A week out from the first practice (see you there at 2pm Saturday 13th ) a big bunch turned up at a catered function to hear what the new season promised.

    The dates of the NZ Championships, NZ Sprintcars (Jan 5th) and NZTQs (Feb2nd) were given. Also announced was the four-race-meeting holiday period featuring a plenty, names confirmed, of Midget International visitors, which culminates with the 50 lapper, the richest Midget race in the World.

    American Sprintcar ace Donny Shaltz was confirmed for two meetings (Nov and Dec).

    The date of the New Zealand round of the World Speedway Championship Grand Prix Series was formally announced as the 23rd March 2013.

    Bill Buckley told all there that World class Speedway racing would continue in Auckland after 2014 either at Western Springs or Mt Smart. Bill Buckley's preferred option was to stay at Western Springs but he said that unless the council negotiated a better lease that included 20 meetings and the opportunity to race on Auckland Anniversary weekend the show would shift to Mt Smart. If speedway went to Mt Smart the opportunity to have driver/rider training and big event qualifying mid week would be possible. Bill Buckley pointed out to those in attendance that Speedway at Mt Smart would draw more people and revenue than the Warriors. He also noted that the rugby league team were demanding money being spent to upgrade the venue and relied on visiting international teams to attract a crowd where as Speedway was a locals against locals weekly promotion.

    Some innovative marketing initiatives were revealed and those at the function were told that there would be progressively more and more signs promoting Western Springs and there would be a free supplement in the NZ Herald. An increased merchandise range was announced, an enhanced recognition of the legends of Speedway and a fan-zone.

    The fan-zone will be a chance for drivers and fans to interact prior to a meeting and will be set up just inside the lower entrance gates.

    A film crew was in attendance, filming 30 second promotion spots, and there was good news in that the Dirt will continue, will be improved, will be shown in Australia, could very well be shown on a free-to-air New Zealand television channel and live coverage of the 50 lap Midget Championship race was being negotiated with the programme possibly being screened in the USA.

    Speakers, introduced by Aaron Drever, included Director of Speedway Operations John McCallum, Marketing Manager Greg Joynt, new CEO of BSL Graham Running, Bill Buckley and four times World Speedway Champion Barry Briggs who remembered his early rides at Western Springs and predicted Australian Mick Holder to be the one to beat at the New Zealand round of the World Speedway Championship. Barry said that as successful as the first ever meeting at Western Springs of the World Speedway Championship was in 2012 (it pulled a capacity crowd) expect the 2013 round to be better in every way.

    2012-2013 will have the most important TQ and Sprintcar meetings of the season raced at Western Springs, the richest Midget race in the World raced at Western Springs and the opening round of the World Speedway Championship raced at the track.

    Let the Good Times Roll, indeed.

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