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Mcclure Wins The Highline Cup & Picks Up Super Highline Racewear

Discussion in 'ASCF Sedans' started by SpeedwayBear, Jan 30, 2015.

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    Brad McClure loves to win, we all know that however the promoter of the ‘Smooth Suspension’ Street Stock Super Series & the proprietor of Highline Racewear got to see a different side of Brad when it was announced that there was a huge $1700 value race gear and crew wear prize on offer for the driver to score the most points running a ‘Highline Racewear’ sticker in a visible side panel position through the series.

    Brad was quick to let both Dean Thompson & Justin Hampton that he could win anything this year, however what he really wants to win is the ‘Highline Racewear’ package.

    You see Brad has wonderful supporters and has for a long time however he was kind of sick of turning up at ‘Fun City Go Karts’ in a staff shirt that doubles as his team shirt only to have people ask him where the toilets were & how long the popcorn had been sitting in the heater for, now he will have his first fair dinkum team shirt & he couldn’t be more happier.

    Also along with the team shirts, Brad picks up safety race wear second to none, just in time too as Brad is having a little difficulty squeezing into the one he has been wearing forever and a day.

    This is what Brad won.

    Double layer custom designed kit & fitment

    10 sublimated shirts

    10 sublimated hoodies

    10 hats or beanies

    Very soon when we see Brad he is going to be looking might schmick in his Highline Gear. Justin Hampton spoke about his interactions with the winner. “Brad is a top bloke, I had never really had much interaction with him until he came to the ‘McGrath Foundation’ fundraiser day for Shane Belk at ‘Fun City Entertainment Centre’ to display his car with our since Darren Shaw sponsors him. He spoke to me about what we were up to and was genuinely interested and he thanked us for our support of the Street Stock series mentioning that it was a prize he had his eyes on. I’m very pleased that he has won the prize and that Highline Racewear can kit up a 3 times national champion in our gear.”

    You can contact Justin at ‘Highline Racewear’ on 0481 172 688 or find Highline Racewear on facebook to talk about what they can do for you & the gear on offer.

    Written by

    Dean Thompson

    DMT Sports Media

    for Highline Racewear supporter of the Highline Cup in the Smooth Suspension Super Series

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