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Mcpherson Takes First Sports Sedan Feature Win At Wangaratta

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, Feb 25, 2015.

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    Tim McPherson from Beveridge just a little north of Melbourne, has taken his first Speedway Sports Sedan victory after around four years of trying when he went on to record first place at Wangaratta City Speedway on February the 21st in round two of the Darren Levy Memorial Series & in the process moved closer to overall series victory when the series concludes on March the 21st.

    It was McPherson’s fourth feature win of the season with the other three in the Unlimited Sedan category, making it an extremely successful season with still four months of racing to come.

    Competing in three heat races at Wangaratta, McPherson was able to finish second behind Wangaratta competitor Troy Frost in his first heat after getting past an ailing Rhys Collins who was suffering a flat tyre.

    McPherson is not one to be intimidated on the race track & after taking a whack from Greg Collins on track, McPherson immediately let Collins know he might not want to do that again by giving him a couple of introductory taps on the rear bumper before getting back down to racing & getting past & into third place to chase down Rhys Collins & secure a second place finish.

    In between heats McPherson set about repairing his brakes that were causing him some concern towards the end of the first heat after checking them over and cleaning them and resetting them, McPherson moved into position on the dummy grid for the second heat, where a back of the field start awaited the # 97 ‘Lincolns Earthmoving’ XF Falcon.

    In heat two strong competition made it real tough to advance forward for McPherson with drivers such as Tommy Bowers, Matty Chiminello, Tom Barnard, James Powell & Simon Hill up ahead of him & Sam Williams & Russell Smith battling with him.

    A seventh place result was as good as it could get for McPherson in a difficult race to forge forward who was still struggling with brake issues & needed to check them over again before the third heat.

    McPherson’s third and final heat finished with at the time series leader Rhys Collins taking the win over Dale Hallett with McPherson in third ahead of Chiminello, Hill & Luke Fallon, the result cemented position seventh in the feature race starting line-up for McPherson behind Rhys Collins, Bowers, Hallett, Powell, Chiminello & Williams with McPherson alongside Barnard on the fifth row.

    Needing to finish in front of Collins to claw back some points, rotten luck for Collins opened the race up for McPherson with Collins retiring on lap two with a flat tyre. Bowers dropped back in the field before mechanical issues forced him infield, Chiminello being sent to the rear of the field for causing a stoppage & McPherson ploughed on forward as Powell whom was in second place spun causing a stoppage and himself being sent to rear of the field.

    This allowed McPherson to assume second place on track behind a storming leader, Hallett. Williams was another driver to drop out of the race & when twenty laps were done Hallett crossed the finish line in front of McPherson, Russell Smith. Barnard, Greg Collins, Powell, Chiminello & Dale Smith.

    Immediately after the race was over, stewards penalised the winner Hallett for start infringements during the race & declared McPherson the winner from Smith & Barnard.

    McPherson celebrated with the chequered flag being pushed around the track by a push vehicle after lunching his engine in the pursuit of Hallett & then shared his thoughts with media. “We had nothing for Hallett & I feel some disappointment for him with the way I got gifted the win. However for us we are here trying to win the Memorial series & really needed the win, especially with Rhys Collins not finishing the final, it gives us a bit of a buffer over him for round three.”

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    Written by
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    For Timbo Racing

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