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Nathan Dunn Picks Up Ipta Fibreglass $500 Voucher For Supporting Street Stock Racing

Discussion in 'ASCF Sedans' started by SpeedwayBear, Feb 1, 2015.

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    Mar 15, 2003
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    Nathan Dunn currently of the Redline Speedway Club & regular racer at Daylesford Speedway has picked up a huge prize by virtue of supporting the ‘Smooth Suspension’ Super Series.

    Un-be knowns to him until he reads this media release, Nathan has been paid back big time for coming to all three rounds that were completed with series supporter ‘Ipta Fibreglass’ awarding a $500 voucher mystery prize to the driver who competed in all rounds held.

    Nathan and his crew put in a huge effort & learnt heaps by heading to Swan Hill, Wahgunyah & Hamilton & by all accounts Nathan had an absolute blast getting away from home and learning heaps at new venues.

    Ipta Fibreglass proprietor Scott Whittle spoke in relation to this series award. “When I spoke with Dean at the start of the season we wanted to reward those that might not win & place in the top three, yet still come to every meeting they can. Without these race drivers, we don’t get big fields at major events, we don’t get to watch skilful drivers ply their trade in passing each other & we don’t get that future champion down the road that we all remember started from humble beginnings. I would like to congratulate Nathan on his efforts & thank him for supporting the division & getting out and about to go racing.”

    The final round $100 Crash & Burn voucher is awarded to Chris Whatmore. Not an award he wanted to win after turning out in a beautifully presented race car for his first night of the season and copping a pounding as drivers raced for sheep stations towards the back of the field.

    For all the efforts the Whatmore crew have put into their car, the Redline # 42 is deserving of this award to acknowledge the effort.

    You can talk about your fibreglass needs by calling ‘Ipta Fibreglass’ on 03 5221 3004 or if you want to take a look at what is available you can visit 7 Riversdale Road, Newtown in Geelong.

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    for Ipta Fibreglass supporter of the Smooth Suspension Super Series for Street Stocks

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