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Powri Lucas Oils Aust World Midget Championship

Discussion in 'Midgets' started by spac, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. spac

    spac Registered

    Apr 28, 2005
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    Well the first leg of the Australian trip is this weekend with 41 cars nominated for the show in Brisbane including newly crowned Chilli Bowl Champ Bryan Clauson and current Australia #1 Adam Clarke

    Adam Clarke ... A 1
    Alex Bright ... US 29
    Andrew Felker ... US 82
    Anthony Chaffey ... 25
    Ashley Jarvis ... 22
    Ben Hilder ... 10
    Brad Mosen ... NZ 7
    Brett Thomas ... 69
    Brock Dean … 99
    Bryan Clauson ... US 39
    Scott Buckley ... NZ 2
    Chris McCutcheon ... NZ 96
    Chris Singleton ... 26
    Christopher Bell ... US 2
    Darren Hagen ... US 91
    Darren Vine ... 19
    Dayne Maxwell ... NZ 26
    Dean McAllen ... 42
    Duane Hickman ... NZ 95
    Gavin Wesble ... 13
    Grant Draney ... N 13
    Hayden Williams ... NZ 3
    Jamie McKinlay ... N 42
    Jerry Coons Jnr ... US 3
    Matt Greenwood ... 98
    Matt Jackson ... N 97
    Matt Smith … 7
    Michael Harders ... 14
    Michael Kendall ... NZ 89
    Michael Stewart ... N 51
    Michael Wilson ... 28
    Nathan Smee ... M 1
    Peter Hunnibell ... NZ 39
    Ricky McGough ... NZ 41
    Rob Mackay ... 76
    Rob Stewart ... 91
    Rusty Whittaker ... 58
    Scott Jeynes ... 88
    Scott Wilson ... 24
    Shane O’Connor ... NZ 91
  2. kapam

    kapam Registered

    Dec 1, 2008
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    This will be awesome! Can't wait! :wideyed:
    No Mark Brown??
  3. spac

    spac Registered

    Apr 28, 2005
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    With team fox racing closing shop I'm not sure Brown has another drive just yet.

    There is no Pickens in the field for the Brisbane show (yet). However he has nominated for the Midget 42 at toowoomba speedbowl on feb7/8 so i'm guessing he will join the field for the 2nd Australian round in Lismore. Going to be an outstanding 3 weekends of midget racing
  4. aussie_rob

    aussie_rob Registered

    Mar 21, 2008
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    hmm like always the weather doesn't look so great for this weekend :(
  5. Stats

    Stats Registered

    Feb 23, 2003
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    Should be a great show - great to see for Australian Speedcar racing.
    Shame that the Brisbane rounds are also said to be the "Australian Midget Championship - when there is no such thing.
    The only Australian Speedcar (Midget) Championship has just been held in Adelaide and goes back to the 1930s.
    No wonder Speedway is treated as the "poor relation" and even a "circus act" by the rest of motor sport!!
    This "bodgie" title does nothing for the credibility of our sport.

    Australian Speedcar Championship Honour Roll
    1935 First ever - Bob Finlay VIC
    1935/36 Les Gough VIC
    1936/37 Bert Woodman SA
    1937/38 Harry Shaw VIC
    1938/39 Ted Gray VIC
    1938/39 Beal Simmons USA
    1939/40 Dinny Patterson NSW
    1945/46 Ray Revell NSW
    1947/48 Cal Niday USA
    1948/49 Sir Jack Brabham NSW
    1949/50 Ray Revell NSW
    1950/51 Ray Revell NSW
    1952/53 Ray Revell NSW
    1953/54 Andy McGavin NSW
    1954/55 Andy McGavin NSW
    1955/56 Andy McGavin NSW
    1956/57 Ray Revell NSW
    1957/58 Len Brock NSW
    1958/59 Andy McGavin NSW
    1959/60 Bob Tattersall USA
    1960/61 Andy McGavin NSW
    1961/62 Bob Tattersall USA
    1962/63 Jimmy Davies USA
    1964/65 Peter Cunneen NSW
    1965/66 Johnny Stewart NSW
    1966/67 Johnny Stewart NSW
    1967/68 Johnny Stewart NSW
    1968/69 Blair Shepherd QLD
    1969/70 Bob Morgan QLD
    1970/71 Ronald Mackay NSW
    1971/72 Ronald Mackay NSW
    1972/73 George Tatnell NSW
    1973/74 George Tatnell NSW
    1974/75 Johnny Fenton WA
    1975/76 Johnny Fenton WA
    1976/77 George Tatnell NSW
    1977/78 Ron Wanless QLD
    1978/79 Ron Wanless QLD
    1979/80 Barry Pinchbeck NSW
    1980/81 Keith Mann WA
    1981/82 Keith Mann WA
    1982/83 Geoff Pilgrim WA
    1983/84 Keith Mann WA
    1984/85 Jim Holden QLD
    1985/86 Phil March SA
    1986/87 Tom Watson Snr WA
    1987/88 Steven Gall NSW
    1988/89 Graham Jones WA
    1989/90 Warrenne Ekins NT
    1990/91 Warrenne Ekins NT
    1991/92 Phil Herreen SA
    1992/93 Warrenne Ekins NT
    1993/94 Warrenne Ekins NT
    1994/95 Michael Figliomeni WA
    1995/96 Michael Figliomeni WA
    1996/97 Craig Brady NSW
    1997/98 Robert Farr NSW
    1998/99 Bob Holt NT
    1999/00 Michael Figliomeni WA
    2000/01 Adam Clarke NSW
    2001/02 Adam Clarke NSW
    2001/02 Michael Figliomeni WA
    2002/03 Cory Kruseman USA
    2003/04 Tony Elliott USA
    2004/05 Steven Graham NSW
    2005/06 Davey Ray USA
    2006/07 Jerry Coons Jnr USA
    2007/08 Davey Ray USA
    2008/09 Kevin Swindell USA
    2009/10 Nathan Smee NSW
    2010/11 Davey Ray USA
    2011/12 Washed out/non event
    2012/13 Neville Lance WA
    2013/14 Adam Clarke NSW
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  6. spac

    spac Registered

    Apr 28, 2005
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    yes we all know that when ever the words "title" or "championship" shows up someones underwear gets tired in a knot....
    I dont think anyone is under any illusion as to this event being an actually Australian title where the winner carries A1.

    I believe the first year this "midget championship" was run it was originally promoted as the "Australian midget open" just like the sprintcar race held in brisbane.

    I think also some people might be getting confused with the wording. it should have a break in it

    Powri (governing body)
    Lucas Oils Australia (naming rights sponsor)
    World Midget Championship (event name)

    but no matter what the name is, it is going to be 2 of the best midget/speedcar...... race nights i think ever seen in australia
  7. jody

    jody Registered

    May 7, 2007
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    bollocks..... the wording is exactly what they want it to be.....nothing more nothing less.
  8. Stats

    Stats Registered

    Feb 23, 2003
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    Last season the event was promoted as the "Australian Midget Championship".
    The year as part of the POWRi World Midget Championship the weekend also incorporates the "Australian Midget Championship".
    They have even sucked in the POWRi guys as one of their releases mentions Nathan Smee as the Australian Midget Champion.
    I have no problems with the World Midget Championship as it is being run over 4 rounds in New Zealand, 4 rounds in Oz and 6 or 8 rounds in America.
    That's fine - but there is no such thing as the Australian Midget Championship.
    I rest my case.
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  9. kapam

    kapam Registered

    Dec 1, 2008
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    One of the best shows I have ever seen at Archerfield!
    Was there both nights and saw cars running high and low on a well-prepared track.
    High speed action - heats and features included.
    Has to be a shot in the arm for Queensland midget racing, if not Australia.
    It was that good. Hope the POWRI World championship is back next year.
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  10. Bill_R

    Bill_R Registered

    Jan 29, 2009
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    Any nominations list for Lismore yet?
  11. andrewm

    andrewm Registered

    Jan 26, 2007
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    is there any audio from lismore

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