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Proflow Geelong Supporting Street Stock Super Series To Find Future Star

Discussion in 'ASCF Sedans' started by SpeedwayBear, Sep 22, 2014.

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    The incentive to compete in the Victorian Street Stock Super Series for drivers who are still developing just went up a notch ‘Big Time’ with the news DMT Sports Media & Promotions is about to share.

    Geelong business ‘Proflow Geelong’ through proprietors of SRE Engines, Chris & Clarissa Spencer have enthusiastically come onboard to support Victorian Street Stocks with a prize voucher at each of the five rounds & a series prize to recognise a ‘Proflow Geelong’ Future Star.

    To begin with ‘Proflow Geelong’ offers a $200- voucher at each round to be used on engine performance gear to the driver that finishes eighth in the final. The reasoning behind this is that more often than not the drivers that finish mid pack baring any drama’s to front runners during the race, are often competitors that just need to find that small piece of extra performance to propel themselves up to the top five on a regular basis.

    Chris Spencer spoke about the incentive. “Street Stocks is the most competitive grass roots speedway division around. You don’t have to break the bank to get in & have fun. Some competitors just need that little bit of an edge to push themselves up the field a little further & we feel our Proflow products will assist them reaching regular top five results.”

    Sensational news for drivers that might be new to Street Stocks or on the improve comes with the announcement that somebody chosen by series results will be announced as the ‘Proflow Geelong’ Future Star & be awarded with a $1000- voucher to spend on their engine performance improvements.

    Chris Spencer along with promoter Dean Thompson will analyse the series results & based on improvement from previous seasons &/or results for the series somebody will be awarded the title of ‘Proflow Geelong’ Future Star.
    To be eligible to win this award drivers are required to place a ‘Proflow Geelong’ Sticker on the rear of their car visible by racers behind & to compete in all five rounds of the series.

    Again Chris explained the logic of this award. “The award is along the lines of the eighth place award at each round in that it is going to reward a driver who is on the improve & who we at Proflow Geelong believe we can best help progress forward in their racing. Also for this great series that Victoria so very much deserves, it encourages drivers to get around Victoria & have some fun knowing that even if they are not a known race winner, there could be something in it for them by just supporting the series & developing their skills.”

    Competitors looking for that extra performance from their engine with some Proflow fittings, parts, lines & air cleaners can contact Proflow Geelong on 03 52771155 at SRE Engines and discuss their engine with Chris to come up with some options that will get you moving forward.

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    for Victorian Street Stock Super Series

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