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Rain Wins On Jason Glynn Memorial Night Washes Away

Discussion in 'Other Open Wheelers' started by SpeedwayBear, Feb 5, 2015.

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    The Victorian Grand Prix Midget Club turned out at Avalon Raceway on the 31st of January with ten cars ready to go in the annual Jason Glynn Memorial, a few guest drivers were amongst the competitors, however in the end the weather won as the meeting was cancelled during the show due to rain.

    Amongst the entries were former national Grand Prix Midget Champion in the 80s Phillip John, whom had travelled up from Tasmania & multiple times Compact Speedcar Champion Danny Stainer.

    The competitors lined up for heat one with Lisa Chalcraft & Nathan Caddy on the front row to start the race, Louis Rodriguez & Chris Fowler on row two, with Paul Perry, Travis Florimell, Trevor Perry, Phillip John, Danny Stainer & Johnny Kyriacou the complete line up.

    The night didn’t kick off well for Paul Perry whose throttle cable was causing issues on the dummy grid. With a request for two minutes to sort the problem, he just made it onto the track before gates closed & worse news for Florimell who blew an oil filter on his way to the dummy grid and had to return to his race trailer.

    Hot laps were given to the field by the stewards and that resulted in the demise of Rodriquez whose accelerator became stuck during the session putting him out of the race about to begin.

    Chalcraft led lap one from Caddy & a fast starting Trevor Perry whilst on lap two Perry & Caddy touched wheels coming off turn two causing Fowler to give Trevor Perry a tap in the rear bars of the car, soon after Caddy pulled infield after the driveshaft fell out of his car.

    On lap seven Chalcraft still lead, Trevor Perry was in second position as his car slowed in turn one when the car jumped out of gear allowing Fowler to pass underneath, fuel problems for Fowler allowed Stainer to whip past him down the back straight.

    At the chequer Chalcraft recorded the win from Stainer, Fowler, Paul Perry, John & Kyriacou.

    Trevor Perry & Florimell began heat two from the front row with Paul Perry, Fowler, Rodriquez, Caddy, Chalcraft, Stainer, Kyriacou & Johns making up the line-up & a restart was required after Fowler was slow to get into position.

    Fuel issues for Fowler would curtail his aspirations in heat two as the green flag dropped and the # 13 car dropped backwards. Trevor Perry led his brother Paul with Rodriguez, Stainer, Chalcraft, Johns, Kyriacou & Fowler the order.

    Paul Perry got the better of the brotherly battle on lap two when he assumed the lead and Trevor dropped back to forth as things hotted up out front with Rodriguez moving to second with Stainer in third.

    On lap four Paul Perry pushed high into turn one getting right up near the concrete losing the lead to Rodriguez with Stainer, Chalcraft & Florimell also getting past the former race leader.

    Fowler, circulating for points, was put a lap down on lap five by the field with Rodriquez still leading the charge at the front.

    Rodriguez & Stainer duelled all the way through the heat without Rodriguez making any mistakes holding out Stainer looking for a passing move. Rodriguez after the heat mentioned he didn’t even know that Stainer was right behind him in what was possibly Rodriquez’s best race of the season.

    Unfortunately after heat two the rain came before the final which now means the committee will discuss whether the Jason Glynn Memorial will be re-run at another race meeting later this season.

    Phillip John was really happy to have the opportunity to have a drive although disappointed it finished the way it did as he was keen to see how the car would handle in the feature after the changes they had made.

    Upon the race meeting being declared the first thing Mark Shiells said to Phillip was "You can't end it that way Phil" leading to suspicion that Phil would possibly get another chance later in the season to finish his career off the right way, that has since been confirmed that Phillip John will return at the Australian title at Redline Raceway to end his career again in the # T 12 car owned by Shiells.

    President John Fowler said "It was a really positive meeting for the club although disappointing the weather didn't hold up and it was great to see a few of the old drivers come out to have a look and tell a few yarns. There was a lot of interest around the club tonight and things are looking very positive for the club moving forward".

    Victorian Grand Prix Midgets would like to thank their Club Sponsors:
    Ballistic Performance Parts
    Oil Hydraulics
    Perry Bros Chassis
    Dmac Property Services
    Marine Innovations
    Super Balance Automotive
    Pitstop Mowers

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Victorian Grand Prix Midget Association

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