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Rear view mirrors in Race Cars

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by BigRyno, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. BigRyno

    BigRyno "The Bank Manager"

    I for one is sick of seeing sedan drivers using rear view mirrors when racing.

    I'm not sure what happens in other states, but for reversing, it is allowed to have a rear view mirror fitted to your race car up here in Qld.

    I reckon they should get rid of them, as too many drivers are using them while racing, and in some of the lower, slower divisions, drivers are swerving and weaving down the straight trying to block opponents.

    What do you all think?
  2. Jamesq63

    Jamesq63 Registered

    Get rid of it.
  3. flipper

    flipper Staff Member

    I don't think any ascf divisions are allowed to run mirrors.
  4. flipper

    flipper Staff Member

    I also agree with no mirrors
  5. BadSeed

    BadSeed Registered

    No mirrors are aloud at all, I know of a case going back a few years ago qhere someone was using a poilished up bit of metal instead of glass as a sort of rear vision mirror, this was also removed at a state title.
  6. BigRyno

    BigRyno "The Bank Manager"

    QSCA allow mirrors for reversing purposes and I know that half of the Street Sedans raced with them at the QSCA Qld Title.

    I hate the idea, but for some reason QSCA allow it.
  7. robohsv

    robohsv Registered

    maybe they should run ascf classes then!
  8. reid22

    reid22 Registered

    yeh i dont know...arnt you suppose to look forward on a speedway track???? i havnt started racing yet but wouldnt you be better of knowing whats going on infront of you rather then worrying whats going on behind you?
  9. BadSeed

    BadSeed Registered

    Think about leading the race and you know a cars right on your ass.. you dont want to be giving them oppurtunity to pass... using a mirror you could try cut off their lines of trying to pass u etc.
  10. Smalle85

    Smalle85 Registered

    mirrors should be unfitted and broken at the track, they ruin races
  11. Darcy

    Darcy I'm Still Here!

    they should be band in all classes of speedway, i have seen many crashed over the years when drivers are watching there mirror instead of watching where there going?
  12. Jaq

    Jaq Registered

    A definite NO to having mirrors, our assoc. don't allow it. Our local track doesn't allow mirrors. Having been to a race meeting at a different track and watching my car having difficulty in passing because the other cars had mirrors and were using them to block, and were being allowed to do so, BAN the use. If its in the car the driver will use it anytime.

    The QSCA is the state branch of the ASCF in qld.
  13. BigRyno

    BigRyno "The Bank Manager"

    Your not going to get an argument from me about running ascf classes in stead of QSCA doing its own thing, but that is a thread for anyday.

    It seems to be solid vote so far for no mirrors, wonder why QSCA allow it?
  14. tjbsb31

    tjbsb31 Platinum Member

    rear view mirrors in qsca cars have been in and out several times in recent years at the annual conferance myself and maryboroughs delegate have been trying to get rid of them for several years and almost succeeded last year .there is always a excuse from several drivers who have been around for more years than i can remember who think they need them, it is those drivers i have seen going up the straight zig zagging like a snake

    using them for reversingas a reason to have then what a crock of s//t:chinese:
  15. WILLO 66

    WILLO 66 Platinum Member

    No Mirrors!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Keene Racing

    Keene Racing Registered

    we run them in fender benders in rocky. And they will stay, we help and see alot of new drivers and its not a matter of holding people up, its a matter of new drivers feeling a bit better in a new environment. (racecar) With us, we have quick cars, and not so quick, and when i was getting lapped in heat races, it was good to know who and what and how many were coming at twice my speed...

    Our stockers run them too, and we have the same problem wiyh mirror racers, but our stewards are quick on the case, and if it continues, ya cop a hit up the ass anyways and ya have no option but to move... :)

    Umm, different sittuation to you guys i guess, but for us, we like the mirrors.
    We also are not recognised classes, so different rules a little too.
    Ta guys, Josh
  17. reid22

    reid22 Registered

    yeh i guess there are advantages and disadvantages. on one hand you dont want someone using them to hold people up but on the other hand i guess its good for people getting lapped to know when the quicker guys are coming up behind them.
  18. rubba1

    rubba1 member

    :p would'nt mind getting some of them big truck mirrors on my beast one on each side but burrows would'nt need to worry cause his girls wide enough without them
  19. O.C.16

    O.C.16 Platinum Member

    As Well As Ripping Out The Mirrors, The Driver Should Also Be Ripped Out And Given A Holiday Away From The Sport. Any Club That Goes Against Ascf Rules Deserve To Be Boycotted
  20. O.C.16

    O.C.16 Platinum Member


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