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Renmark MIDDY'S Speedcar Slam Round Confirmed!

Discussion in 'Midgets' started by Dalee, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Renmark MIDDY'S Speedcar Slam Round Confirmed!
    SA Speedcar PR
    Monday, 8th October 2013

    A round of the ultra-competitive MIDDY's Speedcar Slam has today been confirmed for Riverland Speedway, Renmark on March 9th 2013!

    While Riverland Speedway is no stranger to Midget racing having hosted a number of shows with the South Australian Speedcar Association in seasons past; this will be the first blue ribbon Speedcar event hosted by the track. The Renmark circuit will be hosting round three in the six-round MIDDY'S Speedcar Slam schedule.

    "The track has a smooth consistent surface and is generally similar to an old style midget track" said series organiser Trevor Knuckey on the announcement. "They have good support and the Riverland club are always helpful".

    Riverland Speedway's track surface is a combination of crusher dust and clay. The track is 'D' like in shape, 330 metres long (1 metre from the pole line); has a 1.8 metre camber and is 12 metres wide at the start / finish line. More information on Riverland Speedway can be found at www.riverlandspeedway.com.

    The opening round of the MIDDY'S Speedcar Slam kicks-off next Saturday night, 20th October at Murray Bridge Speedway.

    MIDDY'S Speedcar Slam Schedule 12/13:

    Round 1 - 20th OCT 12 - Murray Bridge
    Round 2 - 8th DEC 12 - Murray Bridge
    Round 3 - 9th MAR 13 - Renmark
    Round 4 - 30th MAR 13 - Murray Bridge
    Round 5 - 31st MAR 13 - Speedway City
    Round 6 - 13th APR 13 - Mount Gambier

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