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Rodriguez Runs Riot In First Ever Gp Win

Discussion in 'Other Open Wheelers' started by SpeedwayBear, Mar 12, 2015.

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    The Victorian Grand Prix Midget Club travelled over the Murray River & into New South Wales for the continuation of the Ballistic Performance Parts Masters Series with ten competitors raring to go, by the end of the night Louis Rodriguez became a first time winner in the GP Midgets defeating Danny Stainer & Dennis Myers in a tough field.

    Turning out for the round once again was Garry Jacobson from ‘Dunlop V8 Supercars’, the returning Dennis Myers, multiple times Compact Speedcar champion Danny Stainer (# 50 Pitstop Mowers – Yamaha R1), Paul Perry, Chris Fowler, Lisa Chalcraft the series points leader, Hayden Bacon, Johnny Kyriacou, Trevor Perry & Dayle Wood (# 81 Prestige Steelcraft – Suzuki).

    Always complete with action & drama the crowd got more than they bargained for when Dayle Wood driving the Travis Florimell owned # 81 race car broke its rear end sending the left rear wheel flying across the track & the teams night was finished.

    Without Wood who was to start from the pole position, Stainer, Chalcraft, Paul Perry, Kyriacou, Trev Perry, Fowler, Rodriguez, Myers, Jacobson & Bacon became the order in Wood’s absence for heat one.

    Stainer jumped away from Chalcraft (# 15 Oil Hydraulics Shepparton – Suzuki) & Fowler whom was quick to move into third place with Rodriguez tailing him. Myers passed Jacobson (# 5 R & P Stainer Grinding Services – Yamaha R1) at the back of the field on lap two whilst Bacon went a lap down. Stainer still led on lap three from Chalcraft & Myers & Rodriguez were right behind Fowler still in third.

    Stainer was lapping the large Heartland Raceway in low 18 second lap times as Kyriacou went a lap down, soon after Chalcraft broke her rear axle & pulled infield elevating Fowler to second until the very next & final lap when Myers got under Fowler (# 13 Castrol - Suzuki ) in turn two for second behind Stainer. Rodriguez finished fourth over Jacobson & Kyriacou.

    Trev Perry(# 55 Perry Bros Chassis – Suzuki) didn’t finish with a piston melting putting him out for the night & Paul Perry suffered electrical issues ending his first heat Chalcraft was unable to fix or replace her broken rear axle & her meeting was finished.

    Kyriacou started from the front of the field in the second heat with Fowler, Rodriguez, Stainer, Myers, Paul Perry, Jacobson & Bacon the remaining starters.

    From fourth Stainer hit the lead on lap one with Fowler & Myers chasing. At the half way mark Kyriacou (# 44 Liqui Moly – Yamaha R1) pulled infield as his engine gave him grief with the field still Stainer, Fowler, Myers then Jacobson, Rodriguez & Bacon. At the chequer flag Stainer was again the winner from Fowler, Myers, Rodriguez, Jacobson & Bacon. Paul Perry (#6 Perry Brothers Chassis – Suzuki) finished his night at this point due to his electrical difficulties.

    Heat three grid lined up with Rodriguez, Fowler, Stainer, Myers, Kyriacou, Bacon & Jacobson in the race for final qualifying points.

    Fowler led the field for lap one with Stainer chasing, Jacobson’s race was halted on lap two with a broken ignition switch, whilst leading Fowler accidently hit the kill switch on lap four & pulled infield before refiring & rejoining the race only losing three places in a short space of time. Stainer continued on to win from Rodriguez, Myers, Fowler, Kyriacou & Bacon.

    Kyriacou then led the field for the all important feature event with Rodriguez, Fowler, Myers, Jacobson, Stainer & Bacon (# 37 Unsponsored – Suzuki) the line up.

    With some work ahead of him Stainer was going to need to pass Jacobson, Myers, Fowler, Rodriguez & Kyriacou if he was to win.

    Rodriguez (# 47 D Mac Property Services – Suzuki) was first to lead as lap one finished with Myers & Stainer in behind the # 47 car. On lap four Rodriguez had the lead still with Myers & Stainer chasing hard. Fowler was in fourth ahead of Jacobson.

    A change of position on lap six put Stainer behind Rodriguez & Myers back to third & Fowler started to reel Myers in, catching him on the last lap. Fowler was unable to get past Myers & at the chequered flag Rodriguez became a first time winner ahead of Stainer, Myers (# 11 Super Balance Automotive – Suzuki), Fowler, Jacobson, Kyriacou & Bacon.

    Rodriguez was delighted to win the final at Heartland & move to third in points in the Masters series. “After a shocker of a year last season, a fire at Alexandra this season, I could never have imagined I’d be a winner now. I have to thank everybody involved with the team for their support, my fellow racers for the camaraderie & messages of congratulations. We are all really enjoying our racing, bring on the next event. Cannot wait.”

    Ballistic Performance Parts Masters Series top ten after 6 rounds:
    1) Lisa Chalcraft 335
    2) Chris Fowler 297
    3) Louis Rodriguez 284
    4) Trevor Perry 280
    5) Paul Perry 209
    6) Ash Booker 195
    7) Nathan Caddy 180
    8) Johnny Kyriacou 178
    9) Garry Jacobson 174
    10) Dennis Myers 141

    Victorian Grand Prix Midgets would like to thank their Club Sponsors:
    Ballistic Performance Parts
    Oil Hydraulics
    Perry Bros Chassis
    Dmac Property Services
    Marine Innovations
    Super Balance Automotive
    Pitstop Mowers

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Grand Prix Midgets Victoria

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