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Rosedale Speedway Club Keen To Keep Victoria One - But Who Will It Be?

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, Mar 2, 2015.

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    Mar 15, 2003
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    The Standard Saloon title this coming Saturday & Sunday March 7th & 8th will be a battle not to be missed & whilst there is many drivers from other clubs around Victoria who Rosedale drivers will need to watch out for, the host club & their drivers are keen to keep the # 1 plate at their own venue with Chris Stewart the current title holder leading the way.

    When you go through the list of nominations form the home club you can see at the very least seven drivers that could be Victorian one, two or three by the end of the weekend.

    Rosedale particularly for one reason or another, seems to be suited to Fords & Chryslers & since nobody from Rosedale has the keys to a Chrysler, the Ford fleet look most likely to be the highest placing Rosedale machine.

    Keep a watch in particular on Gordy Russell & Paddy Vuillermin who had strong runs at Redline recently & of course the 'Big Bird' Chris Stewart who not only has won at Darlington, Swan Hill, Drouin & Nyora to name a few venues already this season, he is leading the state Standard Saloon aggregate and has his eyes firmly set on keeping the title & boosting his lead in the aggregate.

    Jake Vuillermin is focussed firmly on a home track podium result however looking for the top step this time & Shane Stewart wouldnt mind having a Steawart Racing 1 & 2 finish with him in the 1 spot!

    Tyson Cull & Stephen Danks step out for their first senior Standard Saloon title & it wouldnt be a surprise if they figured in the title race in some way against the bigger lads.

    Poppy Gooding is a master of title race results & this being at one of the three clubs his a member at holds particular significance to him so watch for the Rosedale # 11 car to figure at the front also.

    Ash Fythe, Col Yeomans, Jason Parsons, Mick Lovell, Gerard Mowat, Shane Ardley & Cory Horter all have their fans at Rosedale & the cheering for the home squad during the final is going to be as loud as you could imagine, just who it will be at the front of the race is the question we will all see answered.

    Drivers representing Rosedale Speedway Club at the title include:

    1 Chris Stewart
    2 Jacob Vuillermin
    6 Shane Stewart
    9 Ash Fythe
    11 Leigh Gooding
    15 Joe Haley
    21 Col Yeomans
    36 Jason Parsons
    45 Gordon Russell
    48 Kris Schrubb
    62 Michael Lovell
    65 Gerard Mowat
    66 Shane Ardley
    69 Tyson Cull
    73 Cory Horter
    88 Patrick Vuillermin
    89 Shane Besgrove
    96 Steven Danks
    98 Scott Roberts

    The Victorian Speedway Council wishes all the competitors a fun & safe weekend at Rosedale Speedway.

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Victorian Speedway Council

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