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Sdav Club Has A New Number One With Shannon Meakins Title Win

Discussion in 'Other Open Wheelers' started by SpeedwayBear, Apr 22, 2015.

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    SDAV Hot Rod drivers and their fans headed to Drouin Speedway on April the 12th to see the Victorian State Title for 2014/15 season to be decided & in front of a healthy crowd for the first time, Shannon Meakins became the Victorian Hot Rod champion when he led the field to the finish line after a late race chance was offered up by Allan Luckett the eventual runner up with Phil Jenkins completing the top three.

    The competitors were greeted by the best possible weather for the tricky & tough Drouin venue with clouds above helping keep moisture in the race surface along with the preparation work the track team were doing with watering & maintenance.

    Each driver competed in three heats before starting a twenty lap feature event to determine the category champion.

    Defending champion Dean West had a plumb pole position start in the first heat with Neil Sixtus in his rookie season starting alongside in second. Jenkins, Kali Hovey, Allan Luckett, Russell Hovey, Shannon Meakins, Glenn Lawless & Stan Marco rounded out the field.

    West was always going to be tough to beat from pole and that’s the way things proved with an all the way eight lap win to West in front of Jenkins & Luckett who made early ground forward. Sixtus in his first season of racing held on for a strong fourth place ahead of Kali Hovey, Meakins, Russell Hovey & Glenn Lawless.

    Starting with husband & wife duo Meakins & Kali Hovey from the front row in heat two with good ole' dad behind with West, Luckett, Jenkins, Marco, Sixtus & Lawless, it would be Kali Hovey winning out in the battle for bragging rights beating her husband in the first lap battle as both she and West lead Meakins across the start line.

    Jenkins got a great start also and moved forward from sixth to fourth on lap one. Positions for the top four remained at Kali Hovey, West, Meakins & Jenkins from start to finish and the same for the rest of the field Luckett, Marco, Hovey, Sixtus & Lawless.

    In the final chance to earn points and qualify higher in the title field, Luckett & Russ Hovey began in front of Sixtus, Meakins, Jenkins, Kali Hovey, West, Lawless & Marco for heat three.

    The attempt to start the race was halted quickly with debris on the track causing a restart. Luckett led Russell Hovey & Sixtus on lap one with Meakins slipping a little back in the field at the second start.

    Jenkins moved past Sixtus on lap three to assume third spot. A crash on lap dour involving Meakins, West, Marco & Sixtus ended with West sustaining a broken drive shaft whilst Sixtus overheated. Marco was sent to the rear of field for his part in the crash and Kali Hovey assumed third place in the race.

    Luckett took the win from Russell Hovey, Kali Hovey, Jenkins, Meakins, Lawless & Marco who received a further steward penalty for not going to the rear when racing restarted after the earlier crash.

    The all important line up for the 2014/15 Victorian title seen Kali Hovey the top qualifier in front of Luckett, Jenkins, Meakins, Russell Hovey, Marco, Sixtus & Lawless with West unable to defend his champion mantle due to the damage from heat three.

    A huge twenty lap final to determine the new Victorian title holder began with Luckett leading lap one from Kali Hovey, Meakins, Jenkins & Marco before a engine blow eliminated Kali Hovey from the race on lap two giving the second place to Meakins ahead of Jenkins.

    Eleven laps into the race Luckett was passing Lawless and by lap fourteen Sixtus as well whilst still leading Meakins & Jenkins.

    On lap eighteen Russell Hovey retired infield with damage to his car during a racing incident whilst trying to get past the backmarkers again seen Luckett take the wrong line & Meakins pounced as he made a move into the lead on lap nineteen with Jenkins back in third.

    Meakins held firm to take the number one result from Luckett, Jenkins, Marco, Sixtus & Lawless.

    After the win Meakins was delighted to have the number one plate & taken victory in front of those that he cares for most. “Firstly I would like to thank my whole family especially though Dad & Aaron. My wife, my crew & my fellow competitors & friends of the SDAV thank you also. Bad luck to Allan at the end there, I’m sure you will secure a title win before you give this game away one day. Also bad luck to Dean West & well done on the you handled being our champion. “

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For SDAV Hot Rod Club

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