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Sidecar Test Matches

Discussion in 'Bikes & Sidecars' started by britmet, Aug 25, 2017.

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Can anyone provide info on Speedway sidecar test matches/internationals such as the NZ v. Austr. meeting below, - and any other 'home' tests known :
    - 2017 ‘Trans-Tasman Sidecar Challenge’
    - at least 2 meetings, - one a ‘NZ v AUS’ team challenge, the other an individual event.
    - 2010 ‘NZ v AUS Trans-Tasman Sidecar Test Series’
    - 5 Tests at Gisborne, Christchurch (Ruapuna), Christchurch (Moore Park), Invercargill (Oreti Park) and Wanganui (Ocean View)

    - 1973/74 NZ v Oz series, - at least three Tests were staged, at Wanganui (Ocean View Speedway), Templeton (Christchurch) and Wellington (Te Marua).

    - 1970 (?) There may have been a NZ v Oz series in 1970.

    Anything you can provide would be much appreciated
    League Riders Chmpshps

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