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Sixty Standard Saloons All Set To Rumble At Rosedale

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, Mar 1, 2015.

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    This years Victorian Speedway Council Standard Saloon title is heading to Rosedale Speedway on Labour Day long weekend March 7th & 8th with sixty plus entries keen to come out on top as the new or in the case of Chris Stewart, defending Victorian Champion at the completion of five heat races & the all important state title race & as always the field is very strong with a number of possible outcomes at the end of the weekend.

    Current Champion Chris Stewart has made no secret that his powerful Falcon is for sale, what better way to increase the interest in the machine by winning the title again in front of his home crowd, however you can bet that at least twenty five other drivers are thinking the exact same thing, win title – get the buyer.

    Rosedale being the home club have the strongest representation in car count & have depth as far as possible winners going from Chris Stewart, Jake Vuillermin, Shane Stewart, Ash Fythe, Mick Lovell, Shane Ardley, Leigh Gooding, Gordon Russell & Paddy Vuillermin to name a few.

    Outside of Rosedale you can expect other drivers to mount serious challenges for the win would come from Warrick Howie from the Murray River club Corowa, Mark Miles from Nyora, former state champion Dale Morrison, Brad Hill who has placed on the podium in six of seven feature events so far this season, Craig Templeton who just struck form at the Chivers Memorial, Matt Nelson who will be back from the Australian Street Stock title in Western Australia, the exciting to watch Ben Randall, Geoff Bowers depending on getting a new car ready to go, Portland duo Matt Domburg & Luke Dart along with four times state champion Scott Whittle & his ‘General Lee’ Charger.

    Along with some already mentioned, there is a fleet of younger drivers that can ruffle some feathers on title weekend also including Nick Chrystie who two seasons ago finished sixth in the title, Wangaratta’s Andrew Robl, Drouin’s Travis Evans, Swan Hill’s Tom Lambert & sixteen year old Rosedale drivers Steven Danks & Tyson Cull.

    Jo Jo Scott has shown this season she can run strong with the men such as a great performance behind Chris Stewart at Darlington & former Victoria # 2 in Open Standards Debbie Jones just finished third at Redline coming into form at the right time of the year & Kellie Jenkins can dish it out when running with the boys which should help her to stay strong in the run to the final, all these ladies will be looking to give the boys bumper bars to stare at during the weekend.

    The oldest bugger in the field John Watson has retired more times in recent seasons than I have toes, despite this habit of old Johnny’s it is great to see him suit up yet again for a run at the title where he can surprise with his consistency & possibly pull out another heat win such as he has been able to do at Drouin Speedway.

    Portland, Belmont. Alexandra & Swan Hill club members have all supported the title well by nominating with more than one driver & Portland, Alexandra & Belmont in particular have likely possible race winners amongst their contingents.

    The host club Rosedale Speedway Club have been able to secure ‘Latrobe Waste Recycling’ as the major sponsor by way of winning a sponsors draw prior to the season getting underway & the sponsor is keen for their son Travis (Evans) to figure in the feature race at the end of the weekend.

    One thing for sure is that it is no good sitting here and speculating for the next week as to whom might win because anything can happen in Standard Saloon racing and almost always does, so let’s just get it on!


    1 Chris Stewart – Rosedale Speedway Club
    2 Jacob Vuillermin – Rosedale S.C
    4 John Watson – Moe S.C
    5 Warrick Howie – Corowa – Rutherglen S.C
    6 Shane Stewart – Rosedale S.C
    7 Aaron Price – Nyora S.C
    8 Geoff Bowers – Mount Beauty S.C
    9 Ash Fythe – Rosedale S.C
    10 Nick Chrystie – Alexandra S.C
    11 Leigh Gooding – Rosedale S.C
    12 Mark Miles – Nyora S.C
    13 Dale Morrison – Alexandra S.C
    14 Cathal McCaughey – Portland S.C
    15 Joe Haley – Rosedale S.C
    16 Kellie Jenkins - Alexandra S.C
    17 Luke Dart – Portland S.C
    19 Nathan Barling – Moe S.C
    21 Col Yeomans – Rosedale S.C
    22 Claude Pearson – Swan Hill S.C
    24 Andrew Robl – Wangaratta S.C
    26 Brad Hill – Alexandra S.C
    27 Craig Templeton – Belmont S.C
    28 Jo Anne Scott – Ballarat S.C
    29 Rob Tatterson – Moe S.C
    31 Jay Dickson – Geelong S.C
    32 Tom Lambert – Swan Hill S.C
    33 Leighton Warburton – Swan Hill S.C
    35 Aaron Field – Wangaratta S.C
    36 Jason Parsons – Rosedale S.C
    37 John Dike Jnr – Drouin S.C
    38 David Herbert – Swan Hill S.C
    39 Ben Randall – Alexandra S.C
    42 Brendon Eames –Corowa – Rutherglen S.C
    45 Gordon Russell – Rosedale S.C
    47 Ken Higgins – Swan Hill S.C
    48 Kris Schrubb – Rosedale S.C
    51 Matthew Domburg – Portland S.C
    58 Rob Bushall – Drouin S.C
    61 Matt Nelson – Alexandra S.C
    62 Michael Lovell – Rosedale S.C
    64 Paul Domburg – Portland S.C
    65 Wombat Mowat – Rosedale S.C
    66 Shane Ardley – Rosedale S.C
    67 Scott Whittle – Belmont S.C
    68 Stuart Densem – Wangaratta S.C
    69 Tyson Cull – Rosedale S.C
    72 Steve Attewell – Drouin S.C
    73 Cory Horter – Rosedale S.C
    77 Travis Evans – Drouin S.C
    78 Paul Hulands – Swan Hill S.C
    81 Scott Angus – Nyora S.C
    85 Aaron Marshall – Goulburn Valley Auto Club
    86 Debbie Jones – Alexandra S.C
    88 Patrick Vuillermin – Rosedale S.C
    89 Shane Besgrove – Rosedale S.C
    91 Mark Seller – Belmont S.C
    96 Steven Danks – Rosedale S.C
    97 Jeff Blencowe – Drouin S.C
    98 Scott Roberts – Rosedale S.C
    99 Allan Farmer – Belmont S.C

    The Victorian Speedway Council committee wishes all competitors the best of luck on race weekend & hopes everybody enjoys themselves no matter their results. The committee also thanks Rosedale Speedway club for once again taking on the mammoth challenge of holding the biggest VSC title of the season.

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    for Victorian Speedway Council

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