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Discussion in 'Midgets' started by fredn, Feb 1, 2003.

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  1. fredn

    fredn Registered

    Did you know that the most famous NSW speedcar champion was Sir Jack Brabham who won the title in 1946-48 at the now defunct Sydney showground at Moor Park
    Also Len Brock, Peter Brocks father won it in1956-57
    Others have been Frank Satan Brewer
    Peter & Bryan Cunneen
    Johnny Harvey
    Only 4 Americans have won it
  2. RaceDirector

    RaceDirector Staff Member

    That's a great bit of history there fredn.

    We will soon have a Speedway History forum and if you don't mind I will move this thread there.
  3. mgi

    mgi Guest

    does anyone know who won the NSW speedcar title at Parramatta ????
  4. RaceDirector

    RaceDirector Staff Member

    mgi - see the new thread in this forum...

  5. sprintbrand

    sprintbrand Platinum Member

    1st- Corey Kruseman CAR 0
    2nd- Steven Graham CAR 41
    3rd- Adam Clarke CAR 1
    4th- Troy Jenkins CAR 6
    5th- Mark Brown CAR 42
    6th- Craig Brady CAR 7 (SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRST).
  6. 1 would have to be Bob Tattersall,and Lealand McSpadden (The Tempe Tornado) to go along with (now) the Kruser.I am guessing maybe Dick Brown would have been one of the other American winners of the title.

    Stumped for who the other winner (or winners if I am wrong in guessing)might be.
  7. Gazza

    Gazza Platinum Member

    American winners of the title were-
    Frank Brewer 4 times
    Hank Butcher 1
    Larry Rice 1
    Lealand McSpadden 1
  8. I tend to forget that Hank Butcher and Larry Rice drove over there.

    Actually I dont know of their accomplishments in Australia.

    I read once that Frank Brewer was from New Zealand,so I tend to think of him as a Kiwi.
  9. Gazza

    Gazza Platinum Member

    Seems you are right Andrew,Frank Brewer was a Kiwi.

    The PCR programme had a list of previous winners and it showed him as being from the US.

    If your interested in a bit of history have a look at
  10. I also understand Frank Brewer moved to the USA and became a citizen,so that might have been why they referred to hims as from the USA??

    Its been awhile But I have looked at that story of Frank Brewer before,and the Sydney Showgrounds site as well. I just added it to the favorites list for a further look a bit later on.

    Nothing like the looks of those old midgets!!!
  11. MADMEN

    MADMEN Registered

    Corey Kruesman realy gave the aussie's a run for there money. The only one who could hand it up to the kruzer was steven graham and when kruesman blew past graham like he was standing still.

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