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Sprintcar plastic models assembled and painted for sale,stable of 7.

Discussion in 'Other Items' started by stagger, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. stagger

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    Dec 20, 2005
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    I have 7 Monogram plastic Sprintcar model kits for sale, all are assembled and painted . These kits are very fragile and will only suit Brisbane shoppers who can pick up personally. Unable to attach photo on this site but if you send me a personal message, I will be happy to send a group photo of the models.

    The cars are as follows:

    #1 Black Sammy Swindell TMC Challenger
    #1 Red Sammy Swindell 7/11 Chief Auto Parts
    #10 Blue/White Casey Luna Ford
    #18 Silver Brad Doty Coors Light Gambler
    #1 Red Steve Butler Stoops
    #11 White/Silver Steve Kinser Coors Light/Valvoline
    #11 Green Steve Kinser Quaker State

    I built these myself over the years and have been in storage for some time. Don't currently have the room to display them. Would prefer to sell as a group of 7 cars for $300 or if not sold in reasonable time will sell seperate for $50 each.

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