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Stainer Dominates Victorian Grand Prix Midget Title

Discussion in 'Other Open Wheelers' started by SpeedwayBear, Mar 25, 2015.

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    The Victorian Grand Prix Midget Club headed to Wangaratta City Speedway for this season annual Victorian title where for the first time in three seasons a new champion was going to be crowned no matter the result in the prestigious title that also sees the winner take home the Rod Quarrell Memorial perpetual trophy.

    Competitors were challenged in three heat race events with chat amongst those in the paddock suggesting there was a red hot favourite with around five challengers for the title.

    Heat one began with Nathan Caddy & Dennis Myers from the front row, Chris Fowler & Danny Stainer off the second row then Louis Rodriguez, Johnny Kyriacou, Lisa Chalcraft, Trevor Perry, Dayle Wood & Hayden Bacon rounding out the field.

    Myers got the jump at the start of the race with Stainer filing in behind in second & Caddy in third & Wood not lasting more than the first lap when he broke a CV joint. It took until lap five before Fowler could pass Caddy as he fell through the pack before dropping out of the race when his chain dropped.

    An incident during the race had Perry driving up over Chalcraft (# 15 Oil Hydraulics – Suzuki) when she backed off due to a car ahead driving through the turn one water hazard (puddle) leaving her with little vision, Perry ended up in the wall on the back straight, however was able to finish.

    At the very end of heat one on the final lap Stainer passed Myers to snatch the win from Fowler who also passed Myers then Myers, Rodriguez, Kyriacou, Chalcraft, Perry & Bacon(# 37 Unsponsored – Suzuki).

    Wood was due to start from pole position in the second heat with Chalcraft, Perry, Fowler, Caddy, Myers, Kyriacou, Stainer, Rodriguez (# 47 DMAC Property Services - Suzuki)& Bacon due to line up in this order.
    Bacon was unable to join the start due to illness & Myers didn’t get past the starting lap with a broken battery cable.

    Wood’s (# 81 Prestige Steelcraft – Suzuki) bad luck continued when he lost drive due to the drive shaft dropping out & got run over from behind by Kyriacou who couldn’t stop whilst Rodriguez had a rear shock hanging from his car which needed a look at from his crew in the pits after the second heat race.

    The second heat took numerous attempts to start & Fowler lost power on one of these attempts before the race finally got away with Stainer heading straight to the front & Perry chasing him. Caddy got away well with a nice battle between he and Kyriacou going on before JK got the best of Caddy on lap four.

    Fowler started his recovery from the back of the field on lap nine of ten with Stainer beating Perry, Kyriacou, Fowler (# 13 Castrol – Suzuki), Caddy & Chalcraft.

    With the third heat lining up Bacon was unable to take his place quite yet still recovering hoping to compete in the feature race.

    Rodriguez wasn’t able to start as his crew were busy trying to repair a chassis broken in three places, Caddy was trying to fix clutch issues whilst Wood was finished for the night after heat two damage.

    Kyriacou lined up out front with Stainer, Perry (# 55 Perry Bros Chassis – Suzuki), Chalcraft, Fowler & Myers.
    Stainer again jumped to the front of the field with Kyriacou running strong in second ahead of Perry. Myers moved ahead of Chalcraft & later Fowler would move ahead of her also. Stainer romped home for a win ahead of Perry, Myers (# 11 Super Balance Automotive – Suzuki), Fowler & Chalcraft with Kyriacou pulling out mid race due to mechanical issues.

    With heat race results dominated by Stainer there was no guessing who qualified pole in the title with the Mark Shiells owned number 50 car claiming the lead spot with Perry alongside. On the second row it was Fowler & Chalcraft then Myers, Kyriacou (# 44 Liqui Molly – Yamaha), Rodriguez, Caddy & Bacon.

    Bacon made it out on track for the feature after recovering from illness, Rodriguez broke down after all the hard work by the crew to repair his chassis on the warm up lap & as his car was pushed infield, it caught fire.

    The green flag dropped & Stainer led Perry & Chalcraft through lap one however Fowler pounced on lap two and moved past both Perry & Chalcraft as Chalcraft past Perry also. Whilst Caddy (# 10 DMAC Property Services – Suzuki) pulled infield unwell & unable to continue.

    Bacon on lap three headed infield after his steering rack broke.

    On lap five Myers passed Chalcraft & Perry followed him, try as he might Fowler was nowhere near Stainer who was blitzing at the front of the field in full flight. Fowler & Myers were both clear in their positions whilst Perry & Chalcraft held down fourth & fifth spots. Kyriacou was suffering engine problems, however managed to finish the race as Stainer (# 50 R & P Stainer Grinding Services – Yamaha R1) collected the Victorian title win in front of Fowler, Myers, Perry, Chalcraft & Kyriacou.

    A delighted Stainer spoke after his win. “I’m really pleased to win my first Grand Prix Midget title & that I could share a title win with Mark for his own car & I thank him for the invitation to drive. I enjoyed the racing, the track was a lot different than in recent years. Well done to everybody else who finished in the top five.”

    Grand Prix Midgets Victorian season points at the moment are as follows:
    1) Lisa Chalcraft 380
    2) Chris Fowler 357
    3) Trevor Perry 327
    4) Louis Rodriguez 304
    5) Johnny Kyriacou 217
    6) Danny Stainer 215
    7) Paul Perry 209
    8) Ash Booker 195
    9) Nathan Caddy 190
    10) Dennis Myers 187
    11) Gary Jacobson 174
    12) Hayden Bacon 156
    13) Travis Florimell 126
    14) Darren Power 122
    15) Dayle Wood 110
    16) Phillip John 105
    17) Jason Crawford 100
    18) Garry Cassidy 80
    19) Mark Cecil 70

    Victorian Grand Prix Midgets would like to thank their Club Sponsors:

    Ballistic Performance Parts
    Oil Hydraulics
    Perry Bros Chassis
    Dmac Property Services
    Marine Innovations
    Super Balance Automotive
    Pitstop Mowers

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Grand Prix Midgets Victoria

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