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Standard Saloon Title Could Go Anywhere

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, Mar 6, 2015.

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    Mar 15, 2003
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    Finally to round out the week looking at who is in the Standard Saloon title & where they are from, we look at clubs represented by three or less competitors with a couple of gems amongst these names who could make the final & impress.

    Amongst these competitors, five come from clubs that do not manage a track whilst another comes from a club that do not run Standard Saloons anymore whilst three are from Nyora who in recent seasons came on-board with Standard Saloon racing.

    Starting with Moe Speedway Club, they are represented by Johnny Watson & Rob Tatterson, both a couple of veterans of the sport who know their way around Rosedale Speedway & both are keen to repay the crowd support they will get with a heat victory to start off with, & then reassess the goals after that. Nathan Barling is newer to the sport and will be keen to be the best qualified Moe member come Sunday night.

    Mark Miles from the Nyora Speedway Club is a genuine shot at winning the title. He continues to perform well in Gippsland, especially at Drouin & Nyora having won finals at Drouin this season already, his mate Aaron Price has been gathering some experience the last few seasons & after some bad luck and damage to his race car, things are bound to turn around soon. Whilst Scotty Angus is more than capable of a good run, he has won an Open VSC Sedan final this season at Drouin also.

    Aaron Marshall from the Goulburn Valley Auto Club is pretty quick. He has been doing double duty in his car running Sports Sedan races & Standard Saloon races swapping over the rubber & locking the diff or unlocking when required. Marshall is a pretty handy steerer & is a real chance of making the title race final.

    Ballarat has a few more members than one in Standard Saloon racing, however flying the flag this weekend will be Joanne Scott. Jo is a pretty decent steerer & by electing to run the Open Standard Saloon title such as Debbie Jones & Kellie Jenkins have, she eliminates herself from competing in the Ladies title at Alexandra Speedway this season, however that won’t bother her one bit knowing she is capable of racing with Chris Stewart as she did early this season at Darlington.

    Finally, Jay Dickson will represent the Geelong Speedway Club. Jay is a regular competitor at Redline Raceway & will be keen to do the club proud. In years to come, Jay could just be one of the new breed of Standard Saloon competitors to take control at the top of the pack as he currently continues to develop.

    The Victorian Speedway Council wish all the mentioned competitors the best of luck at the title & hopes to see drivers achieve their goals.

    Moe Speedway Club

    4 John Watson
    19 Nathan Barling
    29 Rob Tatterson

    Nyora Speedway Club

    7 Aaron Price
    12 Mark Miles
    81 Scott Angus

    Goulburn Valley Auto Club

    85 Aaron Marshall

    Ballarat Speedway Club

    28 Jo Anne Scott

    Geelong Speedway Club

    31 Jay Dickson

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    for Victorian Speedway Council

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