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The Outlaw Wins Two Meetings In A Row: Sheriff Looking For A Posse

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, May 28, 2015.

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    Goulburn Ovens Sedans Association drivers have recently been to Wangaratta Speedway & Wahgunyah Speedway over a period of three weeks to compete in the Ryan’s Refrigerated Transport 1000 followed up by a association point score round & the winners name at both was the to be the same, ‘The Outlaw’ Trevor Mills.

    The Ryan’s Refrigerated Transport event paid $700 to win on a show that seen the association share major billing with Modified Sedans, Sprintcars & Standard Saloons & it ended with a family photo of sorts when the podium was shared by Mills (partner of Ross’s sister), Mitch (partner Ross’s daughter) & Ross Maclean.

    Heats at Wangaratta started with Mick ‘Doctor of Dirt’ Quinn (# 17 Commodore) leading the first two laps leading from pole position whilst the outside pole starter Dave ‘Maverick Walton trailed in second with Nathan Shotgun’ Shortis in third on lap one whilst Mills moved into third on lap two having started back in seventh however ‘Tommy Boy’ Bowers (# 83 Commodore – Cartwright Civil) leapt to the lead on lap two from fourth position.

    On lap seven Bowers lost his lead as Mills ripped on past to win with Walton in third, Shortis, Clint ‘Dirty Harry’ Henderson, Mark ‘Flash’ Gordon, Brendan ‘The Bandit’ Tracey, Justin ‘J Dawg’ Brockley & Anthony ‘Captain Risky’ Mitselburg.

    Daniel ‘The Mongrel’ McCarten showed his intentions in his first heat race when he led every lap of heat two. His buddy Scotty ‘Nugget’ Callandar (# 24 Falcon – Jindera Automotive) briefly challenged before Maclean chased from lap five with Mitch ‘Sparky’ Watts in third.

    Callandar dropped back to fourth place whilst Wayne ‘Wild Bill’ Williams & Paul ‘Bam Bam’ Barklem (# 86 Gemini) rounded out the field.

    Leeton driver ‘Flash’ Gordon (# 91 Commodore – Menzplant Naranderra) one of only a handful of drivers running with the Goulburn Oven Sedan Association led every lap in heat three to take a fine victory over Maclean, McCarten, Williams, Brockley (# 15 Commodore – Steeline Albury), Henderson, Liam ‘8 Ball’ Pooley, Barklem & Quinn, whilst Bowers who was second until lap seven retired with a flat tyre.

    ‘The Outlaw’ made it two wins from two starts when he was able to out gun Mitselburg (# 44 Falcon - Corowa Glass) for the first six laps then Watts who moved into second on lap seven. Walton was third from the Smiling Assassin Chelsea Cornelius, Shortis & Rob ‘The Wildman’ Webster (# 48 Commodore).

    Mitselburg was an early leader in the fifth heat, however that was short lived when Mills led the next seven laps with Watts (# 54 Commodore – Ace Smash Repairs) chasing him to the finish line. Jason ‘Spike’ Mills finished his first heat of the night in third ahead of Shortis, Walton & Quinn.

    In the final heat the J-Dawg (Brockley) had the wood on one of the best drivers in the division over the last few seasons ‘The Sheriff’ Ross Maclean (# 7 Dunkley’s Paint & Panels). However His led was short lived as he finished infield & McCarten assumed the front spot & defeated Maclean, Bowers, Barklem, Henderson (# 21 Commodore – Corowa Kitchens & Cabinets), Gordon & Pooley.

    Lining up for the feature ‘The Outlaw’ (Mills) & ‘The Mongrel’ McCarten (# 25 Falcon - Probar Bullbars) occupied the front row with Maclean, Watts, Walton, Gordon, Bowers, Shortis, Barklem, Williams, ‘Spike’ Mills, Henderson, Brockley, Cornelius, Quinn & Webster.

    Mills jumped to the front of the field, McCarten hot on his tail. Maclean led Watts for third spot then on lap five Watts passed the Sheriff. Mills led all thirteen laps with McCarten on his tail only for McCarten to see a black flag from the stewards when his window net dropped.

    Mills got the win from Watts, Maclean, Shortis (# 18 Commodore - Stevo’s Painting Service), Walton, Williams, Cornelius, ‘Spike’ Mills (# 94 Commodore) & Quinn.

    After the win Trevor Mills (# 10 Commodore – Ryan’s Refrigerated Transport) let spectators know he enjoyed the event. “The Wangaratta Speedway club provided a very good race track, especially early before the Sprintcars tore it up. I enjoyed racing Danny McCarten especially, it was good fun. Thank you to Ryan’s Refrigerated Transport for sponsoring me & the event tonight.”

    Two weeks later, Wahgunyah Speedway was the destination for the next point score event for the Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association on a night where Super Sedans were the drawcard. Some competitors decided to sit the event out due to the scheduled Victorian Championship for a week later, some of them serious contenders such as Mitch Watts, Wayne Williams the defending champion & Danny McCarten.

    Maclean took an early lead over Bowers & Henderson with Cornelius (# 76 Commodore- Cornelius Classic Panels) in fourth place before she moved up into third on lap two passing Henderson. Maclean motored along in the front & Cornelius challenged Bowers towards the end of the heat and claimed second place as the chequered flag lowered on Maclean the winner. Bowers held on for third with Webster, Danny ‘The Dude’ Smith (# 36 Torana), Pooley & Henderson limping home in last position.

    With ‘Spike’ Mills missing from action not quite getting the car ready, Trevor Mills showed the field why he is referred to by locals as the ‘King of Corowa’. Mitselburg led lap one from Mills & Callandar before Mills & Walton made their way into first & second on lap two. Shortis driving for Steve McDonald one of the original GOSA members, moved past ‘Nugget’ on the last lap into third. Brockley finished fourth, Callandar back in fifth then Quinn.

    Coming out fast in the third heat, Shortis led the first lap from Walton (# 43 Centura – Maverick Boats) who moved forward from fifth to second. On lap two, Walton assumed the lead from Shortis with Callandar moving into second on lap three. Walton would go on to return to the winners list defeating Callandar, Shortis, Webster, Henderson, Bowers, Quinn & Smith.

    Maclean made it two from two for the night when he led every lap to defeat Cornelius in a race where only five cars made it to the start line & the three others, failed to finish due to mechanical issues.

    Unfortunately due to a delay in racing as a result of a generator issue & dwindling numbers from a split field of competitors suffering mechanical concerns, a decision was made to put all the competitors into one final heat.

    Cornelius from the front row led lap one with Maclean from sixth moving up to second in one full circuit of the massive 670 metre long track. On lap three Maclean took the led & Shortis moved into second soon after on lap five as Cornelius dropped back to fourth. Maclean went on to win from Shortis, Walton, Cornelius, Callandar, Henderson, Pooley (# 13 Cortina – Corowa Glass) & Quinn.

    Maclean winning three from three qualified in pole position with Walton alongside for the final. Shortis was having a sensational night of racing, so much so that the plan to load the car on the trailer after the second heat got shelved he started from third in the final with Cornelius, Callandar, Trevor Mills, Henderson, Quinn, Smith & Pooley.

    The green sent the field away for the first attempt to start & deep down in turn two Walton spun to bring the field back together for a complete restart. At the second attempt Maclean, whom had jumped to the lead at the first attempt to start did so again only this time to slam front end first straight into the wall when something let go on the front right side of his car in the steering. Maclean would sit infield as a third restart seen Mills charge to the front and lead every lap from there with Walton chasing, Shortis, Henderson, Quinn & Smith the official finishers.

    After the final Walton who finished second shared his thoughts. “Bad luck to the Sheriff on his crash, he was strong through the heats and would have been in for a good battle with Mills. I enjoyed the chasing the Outlaw in the final. You can always learn from somebody whose raced as many years as he has & I took notice as I chased.

    The drivers now head to Brobenah Raceway Leeton in New South Wales for the Victorian title on the 30th of May & the Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association wish all its members the best of luck on the weekend.

    Also the association would like to announce that a GOSA 1000 event for the final race of the season at Wahgunyah on Queens Birthday weekend & it has seen ten sponsors directly support the association with cash towards a the race whilst the Corowa – Rutherglen Speedway Club have matched the contribution for a twenty car minimum field.

    The GOSA thanks the following for getting involved in the GOSA 1000:
    Stevo’s Painting Service
    Dunkley Panels
    Corowa Kitchens
    Kaos Fabrications
    Maverick Boats
    D & M Scrapmetal
    Cornelius Classic Panels
    Corowa Glass
    Rod Stones Automotive
    Max Maclean Storage & Warehousing

    The G.O.S.A would like to thank their season supporters:
    Max’s Motor Museum – Corowa
    Maverick Boats – Corowa
    Elle Mae Hair & Beauty – Corowa
    Corowa Kitchens & Cabinets
    Psychic Tina – Leeton
    Williams Race Tech – Corowa
    Wahgunyah Rock Yard – Wahgunyah
    Stevo’s Painting Services
    Ricky D’s Pizza – Corowa
    Steel Line – Corowa/Albury
    Custom Daszigns – Corowa
    Cornelius Classic Panels – Corowa
    Ace Smash Repairs – Leeton
    MP Sheds – Leeton
    Corowa Glass – Corowa
    Dunkley Paint & Panels - Corowa

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association

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