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Tommy Boy Too Good At Wahgunyah In Goulburn Ovens Sedans

Discussion in 'Other Prodie Stuff' started by SpeedwayBear, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association drivers returned to Wahgunyah Speedway on March the 7th for the latest points aggregate race meeting of the season with a healthy field to contest in front of fans at the home base for the division & the night would finish with a big win to Tommy Bowers ahead of Dave Walton & Brett Williams all drivers members of the local speedway club.

    The night began with Walton & Anthony Mitselburg (# 44 Corowa Glass – Falcon) front row & youngster Justin Brockley & the returning to sedan racing Rob Webster with Ron Watts & Bowers from row three.

    Walton led Mitselburg & a quick starting Watts (# 7 Dunkley’s Paint & Panels – Commodore) across the line on lap one & up to lap three before Watts pulled infield after accidently turning the car off whilst moving around during racing allowing Bowers to move up into third. As usual there were good battles up and down the field whilst both Brendan Tracey & Danny Smith (# 36 Unsponsored – Torana) finished infield with Watts. Walton finished ahead of Mitselburg, Bowers, Scotty Callandar, Chelsea Cornelius, Brockley, Williams, Mick Quinn, Steve McDonald Jnr, Mark Gordon, Alex Cheney & Webster the finishers.

    Callandar, Webster (# 48 Unsponsored – Commodore), Quinn, Cornelius, Tracey & Walton were the top six starters in heat two with Cornelius leading lap one from Callandar, Walton & Webster before she succumbed to mechanical issues on lap two drifting out of the race by lap five.

    Callandar (# 24 Jindera Automotive – Falcon) moved to the lead and held the position from Bowers, Tracey & Walton until lap seven of eight failing to finish the final lap as Bowers took the win over Tracey, Walton, Brockley, Watts, Cheney, Quinn, Williams, Webster, McDonald Jnr (# 18 Stevo’s Painting Services – Commodore), Mitselburg & Cornelius crossing the line to collect points.

    Heat three began with Wangaratta Clubs Cheney (# 16 Unsponsored – Falcon) & guest driver Watts in the Corowa based Commodore of Ross Maclean from the front of the field. Williams & Bowers on row two with Tracey (# 23 QA Kitchens – Commodore) & Brockley on the third row.

    Watts got the best of starts to lead Cheney, Bowers (# 83 Cartwright Civil – Commodore), Williams & Tracey. By lap three tenth placed starter Walton had moved up into fifth place before big changes on lap five as Cheney dropped down the placings & Williams (# Winton Motor Raceway – Commodore) & Walton moved into second and third.

    On Lap seven Bowers passed Williams & Walton (# 43 Maverick Boats – Centura) whilst Williams dropped back behind Walton in the chase of Watts & as the chequer flag finalised the race Watts had one from Bowers, Walton, Williams, Tracey, Cheney, Mitselburg, McDonald Jnr, Webster & Gordon (# 91 Menzplant Narrandera – Commodore) whilst Cornelius was one of the non finishers & would be plagued all night with issues she later discovered to be a broken axle.

    The feature event line up began with Bowers, Walton, Maclean who had relieved his substitute driver of duties, Danny McCarten, Mitselburg, Williams, Brockley (# 15 Steeline Albury – Commodore), Cheney, McDonald Jnr, Quinn, Webster, Gordon & Smith ready to go.

    Bowers got the jump on lap one with Maclean passing Walton into second before taking the race lead on lap two. McCarten who had been right behind Walton moved into third on lap four. Things went wrong for Maclean & McCarten mechanically on lap seven as they both headed infield as retirements whilst Bowers moved back into the lead from Walton, Williams, Cheney & Brockley.

    As the twelve lap race headed to the finish line those positions didn’t change whilst McDonald Jnr finished in sixth from Gordon & Webster. McCarten & Maclean were amongst the drivers that didn’t finish with mechanical issues, stopping mainly for caution rather than doing major damage.

    The G.O.S.A would like to thank their supporters:
    Max’s Motor Museum – Corowa
    Maverick Boats – Corowa
    Elle Mae Hair & Beauty – Corowa
    Corowa Kitchens & Cabinets
    Psychic Tina – Leeton
    Williams Race Tech – Corowa
    Wahgunyah Rock Yard – Wahgunyah
    Stevo’s Painting Services
    Ricky D’s Pizza – Corowa
    Steel Line – Corowa/Albury
    Custom Daszigns – Corowa
    Cornelius Classic Panels – Corowa
    Ace Smash Repairs – Leeton
    MP Sheds – Leeton
    Corowa Glass – Corowa
    Dunkley Paint & Panels - Corowa

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association

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