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Victoria Welcomes The Smooth Suspension Street Stock Super Series

Discussion in 'ASCF Sedans' started by SpeedwayBear, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Mar 15, 2003
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    DMT Sports Media & Promotions is very proud to announce that long time speedway supporter & former Street Stock competitor Wayne Sheerman through his business interests has stepped forward to claim naming rights for the inaugural Victorian Street Stock Super Series and as a result from this point forward the series will be known as ‘Smooth Suspension Street Stock Super Series’ .

    Sheerman was approached at the same time as a handful of likely supporters and went straight for the jugular staking a claim on naming rights. “Street Stocks are a major part in my clientele base and the competitors and division have been so good to me over the years in supporting what I can offer for them in the way of suspension packages, shocks & springs. I really am very proud to be the first naming rights sponsor of the series & looking at the interest in the series & knowing Dean is somebody that can get the series a following and exposure, I couldn’t pass it by.” Explained Sheerman.

    ‘Smooth Suspension’ firstly will reward the winner of the B Main at each of the 5 rounds with a $300 voucher to spend with ‘Smooth Suspension’. The B Main winner not only gets the voucher he or she transfers into the main event and can collect more loot along the way with the varied prizes on offer already.

    Sheerman also wanted to do something different when it came to the offer of their major prize & DMT Sports Media & Promotions came up with a idea that will produce many ‘feel good’ moments during the series & a awesome finale for those that head to Western Speedway, Hamilton on the 18th of January.

    Sheerman is providing a complete Koni/King Suspension kit to the value of $1500- to the winner of a ‘Smooth Suspension’ Street Stock Super Series ‘All Star Showdown’!

    At Hamilton after the nights series feature race, an ‘All Star Showdown’ will be run where simply first across the line gets the $1500- suspension package.

    The overall series winner is likely to be a driver who has won a couple series rounds, won the major cash at the end of the series and likely other prizes along the way to accumulate a prize pool above $5000-, however that driver wont be banking on winning the major prize in the ‘Showdown’ unless they do it the hard way with the door ajar for almost anybody to win the ‘Showdown’.

    To qualify to be in the all-star race all a driver has to ensure they do is the following:
    1) be registered series competitor, 2) run a Smooth Suspension sticker on their race car, 3) attend all 5 rounds & finally ‘Win any heat race in the series – only have to win one to get in the ‘All Star Showdown’!

    With middle, rear and front of the field heat starts at each round, drivers will want to make the most of their front of the field start and convert that into a win & as soon as they do so they are in the ‘Showdown’.

    One thing guaranteed with the ‘All Star Showdown’ is that it will be a reversed grid (based on series points) however their will be enough laps to give the top drivers a chance to come from the back if they are good enough!

    So win a heat, start somewhere up the front end of the field & try and out run the backmarkers, the fans will be on their feet!

    DMT Sports Media will now look for a cash component for the All-Star Showdown in the coming weeks however regardless of that outcome the excitement for the finale is through the roof. “Firstly I would like to thank all the series supporters whom have been fantastic to deal with. We have put together something for everybody in this series to aim for. A special thanks to ‘Squiggles’ (Wayne Sheerman) one of the great characters in the sport for coming to the table with his prize offers. When you watch drivers who put in a new ‘Smooth Suspension’ package in their cars you always see immediate improvement & those with un-tapped ability thrust themselves into the pointy end of the field. I urge competitors to consider ‘Smooth Suspension’ when they look at their suspension package.” Shared Dean.

    ‘Smooth Suspension’ can be contacted on 0409 176 154 or at smoothsuspension@hotmail.com

    ‘Ends Release’
    for the ‘Smooth Suspension’ Street Stock Super Series

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