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What A Rush: Late Model Victory To Pearson At Rushworth

Discussion in 'Late Models' started by SpeedwayBear, Apr 1, 2015.

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    Mar 15, 2003
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    The ground pounding V8 action found its way to Rushworth Speedway on March the 28th with the Victorian Late Model Racing troupe making their first appearance at the Goulburn Valley venue. Excitement was high on the back of a recent win in the South Australia v Victorian shootout series & the drivers delivered with Justin Pearson picking up another victory in this inaugural LMRV season whilst Chevy Edwards came of age challenging for the win & the consistent Mick Hetherington once again finished strong.

    Nine cars greeted the flag for heat one, with recent beginner Zak Calderwood at the front with Gary Bryans then South Australian Steve Vaughan, Danny Amato, Scott McPherson (#7-Better Trailers), Pearson, Hetherington, Edwards & Graham Forte the order.

    Drivers were very toey & start after start didn’t go well for the guys, especially McPherson & Amato (# 0 -Australian Racing Products) who both took no further part in the nights racing with unrepairable damage. Three attempts to start the race was enough for the chief steward & LMRV reps to declare the event a no result & organise for a drivers talk in the pits to get the message across that to finish first, first you must finish.

    Things went much better for heat two with Hetherington, Edwards (# 21 - Lake Eildon Houseboat Sales), Bryans, Calderwood, Pearson & Vaughan the starting order whilst Forte was still working on his car trying to make it back on track & missed the second heat.

    During racing there was some great moves through the field, Hetherington (# 40 - Wayne Horne Earthmoving) led lap one, Bryans made a move for the lead & led until lap four. Bryans however lost power on the race track on the fourth lap with Pearson needing quick evasive action to avoid hitting Bryans. Bryans loss of power meant a restart, where he started at the back of the field. Edwards was having a good run up in second position until he looped it & was also penalised to the back of the pack.

    Pearson (# 10 - Healesville Directional Drilling) went on to win setting a one lap time of 17.078 winning by .605 of a second from Hetherington, Vaughan, Bryans, Calderwood & Edwards.

    Lining up for the final heat, second heat winner Pearson had the prime pole position with Hetherington alongside in Pearson’s ex race car. Edwards, Forte (# 7f - G & M Poly Irrigation), Vaughan, Bryans & Calderwood completed the line up.

    The youngest driver in the field Edwards (18 years old) after so much racing this season was showing he was more & more comfortable with the car & the speed. Edwards picked off Hetherington & then pulled a similar move two laps later to pick off the race leader Pearson on lap four & with a cool head gained the lead, Edwards would go on to win comfortably whilst Hetherington got past Pearson with two laps to go. Edwards from Hetherington, Pearson with all top three drivers running under 18 seconds a lap, then Bryans & Vaughan in fourth & fifth.

    Competitors then hit the track again later for the feature race. Pearson & Hetherington from the front then Edwards, Vaughan, Bryans (# 26 - Fountain Gate Plaster Cartage), Calderwood & Forte.

    Pearson at the green jumped to the lead with Hetherington & Edwards in tow. Edwards was quick & wanted second & made his move getting past Hetherington just as Calderwood spun & a caution light switched on meaning a restart was required.

    Calderwood (# 14 - Calderwood Welding & Fabrication) went to the rear of the field, Hetherington moved back in front of Edwards. Pearson assumed the lead again with Hetherington & Edwards resuming their battle for a couple laps before Edwards got past Hetherington once more & began chasing Pearson who was half a lap in front.

    Whilst Edwards was chasing Pearson, back in the pack Bryans, Vaughan (# 67 - Fuchs), Forte & Calderwood; despite their brisk pace, had Pearson bearing down on them. Edwards, with three laps to go caught up to Pearson & attempted to stick his car into the lead position before the backmarkers came into play shutting out any clean opportunity for a pass & Pearson went on to win from Edwards, Hetherington, Bryans, Vaughan, Forte & Calderwood.

    By all accounts the host club Goulburn Valley Auto Club & race fans at Rushworth enjoyed the show. Fans came into the pits at interval to meet the drivers, see the cars whilst kids could hop into the cars for photo's highlighting the appreciation for the Late Models.

    LMRV would like to thank Rushworth Speedway officials & volunteers for working with LMRV to put on a good show, the feedback from Rushworth is that they want more!

    Now, six Victorians head to Mildura for the annual Easter race meeting with 5k to win. Pearson, Edwards, Bryans, Hetherington, Forte & Wayne Belk. The show is a two night show on Good Friday & Easter Sunday & the LMRV wish all drivers the best of luck.

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