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You Tube Racing Channel

Discussion in 'General Speedway Talk' started by purdyd82, Jan 14, 2017.

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  1. purdyd82

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    Jun 30, 2015
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    Hello all,

    My name is Dustin Purdy. I have been posting in-car videos of my races for a few years now. My channel (Go Fast Turn Left Club) has grown quite a bit since its beginning in 2011 and video production operation have also grown with it. I have produced about 115 in-car videos to date. I have created many videos with multi-view angles to bring exciting shots to you the race fan. I have also started mounting cameras on other race cars to make more footage available to everyone. I am continually expanding operations to bring more content to all race fans and this year is no different!

    In the quest to find marketing partners, social media plays an important role. The success and popularity of my channel is helpful in the quest of securing sponsors for my race team. I am asking (as a favor) anyone who has a You Tube account if you would subscribe to my channel to help me out. (That is, if you like my content of course.) Also, liking and commenting on any videos that you enjoy would be a huge bonus as well.

    If you really like my videos and would like to become a member of the Go Fast Turn Left Club, I would love to have your support and would be most appreciative. The link to my channel is below as well as a link to the Go Fast Turn Left Club.


    Go Fast Turn Left Club : Official Site : Division of Purdy Motorsports

    Thank you all for your help and support.


    Dustin Purdy

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